Insider Experiences

Our Burgundian cruise aboard La Belle Epoque offers the chance to visit the stunning Château d’Ancy-le-Franc. Find out more about it here.

Visit the impressive Château de Bazoches aboard L’Art de Vivre to experience exquisite architecture, stunning views and to learn of the great Field Marshal, Vauban.

From private dining in the home of a 19th Century Artist, to lunch in an historic Burgundy domaine, find out about our private dining experiences...

The olive press of l’Oulibo is located on the banks of the Canal du Midi. Those on a cruise aboard Enchanté can stop by and taste the famous Lucques olives.

As dreams of European travel becomes a possibility, finding the perfect holiday doesn't have to be a daunting task! Read on to find out why...

Planning a luxury cruise in Champagne? These amazing attractions are the jewels of the Champagne capital!

Discover one of Scotland's smallest 'pepperpot' lighthouses welcoming vessels from Loch Ness onto the Caledonian Canal...

Admire stunning architectural heritage when you discover Mantua Italy, a popular port of call aboard La Bella Vita

Planning some time in the Scottish Highlands? You can't leave without a visit to the spectacular Eilean Donan Castle - a highlight on our cruises in Scotland

From off-the-beaten-path excursions to culinary journeys through fine French cuisine – here’s our top 10 experiences to enjoy on a French Canal Barge Trip

Autumn is a beautiful time for cruising, which is why we've been planning a potential new route through Burgundy, on some spectacular rural canals.

Whilst travel is on hold for the time being, it's the perfect time to dream ahead and plan your next sojourn along Europe’s stunning waterways. Here’s L’Art de Vivre Captain...

In Part 2 of our Best Insider Experiences, we show you where we take you off the beaten track on barge trips in France and Scotland

Our barge trips in France and Italy afford the most wonderful exclusive experiences that take you off-the-beaten track to meet the ‘real’ locals...

Derek Banks, Founder and Managing Director of European Waterways, gives us an insight on the history of his favourite routes along Europe's charming waterways

Dreaming of faraway shores? Escape reality with one of our top 10 movies and binge-worthy shows, alongside their locations which can be visited on our luxury barge cruises…

Our cruise teams have dined their way across France to bring you 6 classic French dishes, and how best to enjoy them.

France is abundant with UNESCO World Heritage sites, and there's truly no better way to explore these locations than via the country's waterways

It's the people you meet that make your holiday truly unforgettable, so here's a few friendly faces you might meet on your luxury barge cruise...

France is abundant with UNESCO World Heritage sites, and there's no better way to explore them than via the country's beautiful waterways

From taste tests to detailed descriptions - here's everything you need to know about wine tasting

Gascony has some of the most delicious gastronomic traditions in France. Our cruises introduce you to the region’s food and wine in the most wonderful way

Did you know, the word "barge" comes from the Latin word "barga" meaning small boat?

Enjoy the cultural and historic attractions of Burgundy on a relaxing hotel barge cruise through this stunning French region

You can learn more about the Golden Age of the Dukes of Burgundy when you stop off at Château de Germolles.

Deep in the rolling French countryside lies the thirteenth century Château de Ratilly, a haven for artists and history lovers

Enjoy a midweek visit to a boutique champagne house aboard your hotel barge cruise through Burgundy

Italian river cruises along the main branch of the River Po afford the opportunity to visit Villa Ca'Zen, one of Lord Byron's inspirational romantic haunts.

A uniquely Venetian tour, free of charge, 20% Cabin discount and the fascinating history of a very romantic mode of transport

Discover the quirky, individual experiences that just aren't available anywhere else

A true, traditional taste of the Venetian region and a guided tour of the renowned fishing port, Chioggia. An Insider Experience for those of adventurous heart!

Discover the literary nature of France, expatriate Paris, the battlegrounds of WWI and the stunningly romantic villages of Chocolat