Loire Valley

A fairytale region of exquisite Renaissance châteaux, Royal French history and contrasting waterways.

Loire Valley Cruises

The spectacular Loire Valley and its main tributary, the River Cher, have carried cargo and passengers for over 2000 years, since pre-Roman times as it winds through sandbanks to the Atlantic Ocean. The Valley of the Kings is a timeless region of spectacular beauty and grace and we are delighted to offer the only hotel barge cruising through its heart.

The Loire Valley is as rich in legend as it is in beauty; here the aristocracy of France have built their castles and palaces over the centuries and you will realise that, fortunately, little has changed. Talk to a cheesemaker and find out why his is the most famous goat’s cheese in France. Wind your way through the narrow streets of a centuries-old village, perhaps discovering hidden shops with hand-painted pottery, or stumble across an open market on your own.

The ultra deluxe Renaissance cruises in western Burgundy and the upper River Loire which gives a taste of the Loire region where it borders Burgundy to the west.

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Our Hotel Barges in the Loire Valley

Ultra Deluxe 8 Passengers 5 Crew Cruise Rates
Renaissance barge

Renaissance is an ultra-deluxe, 8 passenger hotel barge that cruises in the Upper Loire and Western Burgundy between Chatillon-sur-Lore and Montargis from April to October

First Class 6 Passengers 2/3 Crew Cruise Rates
Nymphea 490

Nymphea is a first-class, 6 passenger hotel barge that cruises the Loire Valley between Moulin de Nitray and Montrichard from June to September

Ultra Deluxe 8 Passengers 5 Crew Cruise Rates

La Nouvelle Etoile is an ultra-deluxe, 8 passenger hotel barge that cruises the Upper Loire and Burgundy between Moret-sur-Loing and Briare from early June to mid-July


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