Alsace & Lorraine Cruises

Explore the unique blend of French and German cultures with storybook villages, forested hillsides, and wonderful white wines on a canal cruise in Alsace & Lorraine

Alsace & Lorraine is a popular destination, bringing visitors from all around the world. Its close proximity to Germany has made it a unique corner of France, combining the cultures of the two countries for a truly unforgettable experience. With its stunning selection of white wine, variety of historic castles, and Christmas markets to enjoy, it is a must-visit.

The architecture of the area includes Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque inspirations from its rich history. Throughout the years, the area has acted as a strategic and military crossroads, where the greatest empires of Europe confronted one another. You can explore this history on a river cruise, exploring the various tunnels by candlelight.

The scenery here is some of the most beautiful in France, with canalside villages of half-timbered houses and winding waterways taking you through steep-sided forested valleys. It boasts watercolour vineyards and hilltop castles, taking you to the land of living fairytales. For the ultimate holiday experience, take a river cruise in Alsace & Lorraine on the luxury 12-passenger Panache.

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Hotel Barge Cruises in Alsace & Lorraine

  • Enjoy an unforgettable summer in Alsace & Lorraine on a deluxe 12-passenger Panache, starting in Strasbourg
  • Take in the Christmas markets on a classic cruise with the Panache hotel barge between late November and December, getting all of your Christmas shopping done
  • Explore the area all year round on the ultra-deluxe 8-passenger La Nouvelle Etoile, which spends four weeks a year cruising this unique region

The Panache hotel barge is a stylish 12-passenger hotel barge, offering comfortable double or twin en-suite cabins and spacious public areas to explore. The panoramic windows in the saloon give you stunning views of the area as you cruise along, with gorgeous summer sights to take in. Explore Gothic cathedrals, enjoy private wine tastings, and take a candlelit meal through the Arzviller tunnels.

The Panache is also available for our classic Christmas markets cruise in Late November and December, giving you the chance to visit many of the local Christmas markets, find a bargain, and experience the true meaning of Christmas in a unique location.

La Nouvelle Etoile blends traditional elegance and modern-day facilities with spacious public spaces and generous 200sq ft cabin suites. With a large sun deck on board and a spa pool, this hotel barge offers the ultimate luxurious escape. This cruise through Alsace & Lorraine will take you to the unique Arzviller boat elevator for an ascent or descent, with beautiful quaint villages to explore as you go.

Sample Wine & Dine in Style in Alsace & Lorraine

Alsace & Lorraine is well-known for its white wine, with Alsatian white wine being some of the best in the country. With varieties including Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Crémant d’Alsace and Gewurztraminer to choose from, you’ll find that these wines change your perception and give you the chance to enjoy something a little different from the usual.

Your culinary journey through Alsace & Lorraine wouldn’t be complete without sampling quiche Lorraine. This quiche, consisting of egg, cream custard, and smoked bacon, is a popular dish you will find in many different cafes and restaurants across the region.

There are a number of other dishes the area is known for, with many of the delicacies of eastern France found here. Pork and chicken feature heavily on many menus, with freshwater fish such as carp, pike, and salmon available. Alsace & Lorraine prides itself on its Munster cheese, which many choose to enjoy with some cumin, as well as choucroute (sauerkraut) served with a Riesling, potatoes, and spices.

Our Hotel Barges in Alsace & Lorraine

Deluxe 12 Passengers 6 Crew Cruise Rates
Panache - Cruising - Alsace - September 2023 (7) 250

Panache is a deluxe, 12 passenger hotel barge that cruises in Alsace & Lorraine between Krafft and Niderviller from July to October and Christmas market themed cruises in late November...

Alsace & Lorraine Cruise Videos

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Alsace & Lorraine Cruise Highlights

When you explore Alsace by canal on the Panache luxury barge, you’ll see it in a whole new way. These beautiful waterways take you through the heart of the region, with stops at the most incredible towns and villages along the way. The unique culture of the area makes it a must-visit destination, and you’ll find two different types of journeys you can take.

The first is on the classic cruise through Alsace & Lorraine. This cruise starts in Strasbourg, with a champagne welcome to the Panache. A morning cruise across the Gran Ried wetlands. Strasbourg is considered by many to be the “capital city of Europe”, with a stunning 12th Century Gothic pink sandstone cathedral featuring an astronomical Renaissance clock and a soaring spire.

Wine tasting is on the menu on this cruise, with a stop at the rolling Vosges hills on the Route des Grand Vins. You’ll enjoy a private tasting of Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and Riesling wines at winemakers such as Domaine Pfister. There is an optional trip to the last privately-owned brewery in Alsace, the Meteor Brewery, or you can visit Saverne, with a history dating back more than 2,000 years.

A visit to the town of La Petite Pierre gives you the chance to discover the René Lalique collection. The region’s most famous artisan is a great introduction to the art, as you’ll visit more artisan glassblowers on your journey. This Alsace & Lorraine river cruise gives you the chance to learn more about the region, meet the locals, and dive into the culture.

Take the Panache classic Christmas markets cruises in late November and December to get the chance to experience a unique Christmas celebration. With the blend of French and German culture in the region, you’ll have an unforgettable river cruise, which starts with a champagne welcome in Strasbourg. Cruising to Colmar, you’ll find six Christmas markets to visit with gourmet food sections and stunning winterland scenes.

A return visit to Strasbourg gives you the chance to explore thirteen Christmas markets throughout the historic centre, with a visit to the Musée du Chocolat and workshop to experience the sweet treats being made. The gift shop is perfect for buying gourmet seasonal creations for your loved ones.

Your journey through the region will culminate with a trip on the Arzviller boat elevator, before you take a candlelit cruise through the Arzviller tunnels. A walking tour through Sarrebourg with time for some final Christmas shopping will round off your journey perfectly. Whether you want to visit in the summer or the winter, you’ll find that an Alsace & Lorraine river cruise offers everything you could hope for.

Why Book an Alsace & Lorraine Cruise?

The unique blend of cultures in Alsace & Lorraine makes it the perfect place to visit for an unforgettable holiday. Your river cruise through the area will take you to some of the most beautiful villages and historic monuments in the country, with plenty of incredible stops along the way. Each of our river cruises in Alsace & Lorraine start in Strasbourg, making it easy for you to get to the starting point. Whether you want to book for a week away or you’d like to finish travelling Europe with a classic river cruise, this is perfect for you.


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