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The French city of Auxerre is a dwelling frozen in time. Whilst you’re wandering around, it’s easy to forget you’re in France, and think you’re in a fairy-tale!

Awe-inspiring views, and a dark yet fascinating history abound at this unique spot on the banks of the world-famous Loch Ness...

From ‘Emily in Paris’ to ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Downton Abbey’, visit your favourite film locations while cruising in luxury on Europe’s canals.

Visited aboard luxury hotel barge, Nymphea, the Château de Villandry really is a blooming marvel with spectacular floral gardens that are sure to impress all year round...

The Scottish beer industry is thriving and with more than 100 breweries operating the variety and quality of Scottish beers and ales on offer is greater than ever

The Abbaye de Moissac, in the foothills of the Quercy vineyards near the River Garonne, feature awe-inspiring architecture that tell stories that date back to the early 1100s. Visit on...

Located fifty kilometres south of Auxerre, Vézelay offers a rich tapestry of culture, tradition and history amidst spectacular surrounds...

The spectacular fortress of Carcassonne is the best-preserved medieval fortress in the world and has served as inspiration to the castles of fairy tales

With so many delicious French desserts to choose from, it’s no wonder that France is home to the best patisseries in the world.

France is the land of delicious foods and excellent wines, so is it any wonder that there’s so many classic French dishes to try? Check out our 10 favourites!

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