Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Luxury Hotel Barge?

A hotel barge refers to a specific style of hull, which is designed to navigate in shallow inland waterways. Most barges were built to carry goods into hard to reach areas of the country. Hotel barges, which are fully crewed and are operating today, are usually cargo hulls, which have been redesigned and totally rebuilt. They are barge hulls over which cabins and saloons have been constructed in order to accommodate travellers. Luxury hotel barges are state of the art conversions accommodating 4 to 20 passengers.

The cruises include all gourmet meals with wine, all shore excursions, “open bar” and bicycles for the use of the guests and various other luxury facilities. These vessels cruise on small waterways, mostly canals. The purpose of a barge cruise is not to rush from Point A to Point B, but to relax in a stress free environment with fine food and wine, enjoy the delights of the countryside you are passing through, and get to know the “soul of the country.” The hotel barges travel neither far or fast.

Are these hotel barges only available for groups to charter only or can I book just one or two cabins?

You may choose to charter the entire vessel or book one or a number of cabins on board and join other like minded passengers. When the vessel is chartered, you and your party will have the full capacity of the boat and may request certain deviations from the regular schedule and the service. When doable, our crews will make all efforts to accommodate. These special requests must be made known at the time of the first deposit and will be confirmed in writing.

What is the maximum number of people a hotel barge can accommodate?

Our vessels carry between 4 and 20. We can also tandem two barges and take groups of up to 24 persons.

What is the minimum child age limit?

When booking a whole boat charter, we welcome children and infants of any age. We have family itineraries available with activities offered to suit all ages.

When booking on a “per cabin” basis, children under the age of 12 years are not permitted.  On the Athos barge, children under the age of 18 years are not permitted.

Which direction will I be cruising?

The cruise direction might not be set until approximately 3 weeks prior to departure date, but is often sooner.  The reason for this is that our barges are usually scheduled to operate from A to B and the following week from B to A (in the reverse direction).  However if a specific departure date does not have any bookings, the barge does not cruise empty, when this is occurs, this affects the direction schedule.  The pick-up and drop-off locations remain the same irrelevant to the cruise direction.

What amenities can I expect on the hotel barge?

All the hotel barges are air-conditioned and heated and the cabins have private, well-appointed bathrooms with showers. Many of the barges have on-deck hot tubs and other facilities such as a small exercise room. They also each have a music system such as a CD player/iPod dock and most have WiFi internet access, although this is sometimes subject to local reception.

Is smoking permitted on board?

There is a strict non-smoking policy on all barges for safety reasons and for the comfort of other passengers.  Guests wishing to smoke are requested to do so off the barge or on the outside deck away from fellow passengers.

Can I bring my dog?

We permit small dogs on-board some of our barges. However it is only possible when reserving a whole boat charter.   There is a charge applied for a deep-clean after the cruise and dogs are not permitted in passenger cabins.  Please contact us for further details.

Are hotel barge cruises expensive?

Hotel barges come in many styles and levels of luxury from rustic and comfortable like a good country inn to elegant, like a fashionable country house hotel. However, the essence of barging is not decor…but the taste and texture of the region that is revealed in the welcome greeting of the villagers, the smiles and hearty charm of the lock keepers, and the personal & friendly attention of local artisans and guides. Hotel barge rates do tend to reflect the level of luxury, cabin size and the season…but since they are inclusive, they are great value. Meals, wines, open bar, guided excursions and admissions, transfers to and from each hotel barge…all included!

Smaller vessels are ideal for families, groups of friends, or individuals who are attracted to the luxury of a hotel barge cruise.

Will I have a language problem?

No. All our crew members speak English and are generally British. Other languages like Italian, German and French are also spoken. When cruising through mainly rural areas, one is quite likely to find the locals speaking with a strong dialect. Although sometimes difficult to understand, we still encourage you to try to communicate with them. English is the main language on board.

Will I be able to make special requests?

Special dietary requests can be made to the Chef or barge Captain prior to your cruise. If there is a specific beverage you would like to find at the bar or a certain dish you wish to try, we can usually accommodate. Please advise our reservations department at least 4 weeks prior to your cruise. These requests should also be submitted to us as early as possible. If there will be a birthday or other special event to celebrate during your cruise, please let us know. We will try to accommodate these requests, although we ask that you understand in some cases we may be unable to do so. Please make sure that you advise us of any food allergies or medical conditions that require special attention. If you are chartering the barge the itinerary is customisable, we will always do our best to visit anywhere you desire en route.

What sort of activities will I find during my hotel barge trip?

Lots! Each morning and again after lunch, guided tours to historic and cultural sites of the region provide guests many interesting choices from visiting chateaux, famous vineyards, country market towns, private gardens to museums celebrating art, weapons, textiles or bread! Other interests, like golf, ballooning, riding and tennis are also accommodated and, of course, in between, you will enjoy fine food & wine every day. Each hotel barge has a designated crew member guide and an air-conditioned van or bus that travels with it, for daily excursions to places of interest such as nearby chateaux, colourful local markets, ancient monasteries, or fascinating specialty museums. Of course there is also the joy of the cruising itself.

Is hotel barging only for the sedentary, older traveller?

Not at all! Canal cruising is for those who want a “close-up, personal” experience in Europe. Mature & younger travellers find the pace and comfort of a hotel barge the ideal way to explore the real heart & soul of a country. More active types like to take off on village walks, hill climbs or bicycles…meeting up at the next lock. The unique advantages of a barge is that we can tailor an itinerary and celebrate a special event to suit the guests

How does your pricing work?

All prices were accurate when we went to press but are subject to change thereafter. Individual prices are applicable to two guests sharing a twin/double cabin. Prices for single travellers with incur a single supplement on all vessels. You’ll also see that we have two general pricing rates; Value Regular, our Value rates tend to be slightly less expensive than our Regular rates, much like Peak or Off-Peak pricing within other industries.

What do the rates on the hotel barges include?

All meals catered for by our on board Master Chef, good regional wines served throughout the cruise, an open bar with a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, chauffeured and guided sightseeing and use of all barge facilities such as bicycles. Some barges also have an on-deck jacuzzi. Local transfers to your barge are included and we will advise you of your meeting point at time of booking. On our Family Charter Cruises equipment for babies and children will be included on most vessels; cribs, travel cot, high chair, car seats, toys, children bicycles and baby bicycle seats.

What do the rates on the hotel barges not include?

Service charge is not included in the cruise fare. Tipping is entirely discretionary but is greatly appreciated by the crew if you would like to acknowledge recognition for the standard of service provided. As a guideline, the recommended industry standard is between 5 and 10% of the cruise fare if you are fully satisfied with the service you have received. If you have any questions on the above, please speak to the Captain.

How long are the hotel barge cruises?

Our hotel barge cruises are six nights / seven days in length, starting on Sunday afternoon and finishing on Saturday morning. It is possible to do multiple cruises joined together and we occasionally have special extended cruises.

What seasons do the hotel barges cruise?

In France, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland and England, most of our hotel barges cruise from early April to Late October.

If I am a wheelchair user can I cruise on one of your barges?

Hotel Barges are generally not suitable for wheelchair users. All passengers should be able to manage approximately 15 steps as wheelchairs cannot be used on-board. Wheelchairs can only be used to assist on some excursions when off the barge. Sometimes rough ground may hinder a wheelchair while on an excursion. If you would like us to provide a wheelchair for your arrival, please notify our Reservations team at least 8 weeks before arrival.

Will I feel confined?

Not if you enjoy meeting the locals, viewing passing vineyards and chateaux from a hot tub on deck, or sharing experiences with a congenial group of travellers on journey more like a moving house party. You will be able to get on and off your barge practically at will, to take a walk along the towpath or a bicycle ride to town. (All the barges have bicycles on board for passenger use). Meet and talk to the locals, view the vineyards, or accompany the crew as they shop in the early morning for delicious, freshly baked bread and croissants. Learn the secrets of fine cuisine from your gourmet chef. Savour an amazing variety of local cheese and other delicacies. All of this in addition to the included sightseeing tours en route. The gentle movement of the barge, anchored at night, has caused dedicated insomniacs to report wonderful, restful sleep. It is the relaxed atmosphere aboard, the friendly and helpful crew, the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, together with the wonderful cuisine, lively conversation and interesting sightseeing that make it magical.

I've never barged before, where should I go first

Surprisingly, this question comes up pretty often. Hotel barge cruising is now available across Europe. Because our vessels are small enough to navigate the smaller canals and rivers, we concentrate on these waterways and leave the 100 passenger cruise ships behind! France is very popular, but have you considered the beauty of the Scottish Highlands or the intrigue of the Venice Lagoon?

General visa and passport information

Passengers must hold a valid passport. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid photo ID. Please note that certain destinations insist on at least 6 months validity from the return date. You may need a visa to travel to some of our destinations. To find out whether you need a visa for the country you’re travelling to please contact you own government, embassy or consulate. For any other information, including health information we recommend you contact your Foreign Office, for example , if you are from the UK please see:

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is strongly recommended for all passengers, and in many cases it is a condition of your contract with the Operator that you have adequate insurance in place for the duration of your booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that your travel insurance is suitable for your needs. Medical Cancellation Insurance: We strongly recommend organising medical cancellation cover within 14 days of submitting the deposit for your hotel barge cruise.