Luxury River Cruises Ireland

An unforgettable taste of the Emerald Isle

When it comes to river cruises, Ireland may be one of the most fascinating and undiscovered locations in Europe. The small island in the Atlantic Ocean offers so much to individuals who are discovering its beauty for the very first time. Ireland river cruises highlight the folklore, friendly locals, and magical green landscapes that only scratch the surface of how beautiful this country truly is.

The island has earned the nickname ‘The Emerald Isle’ due to its enchanting beauty thanks to its lush green landscapes. An Ireland river cruise offers the perfect opportunity for individuals to see the true depth of beauty that Ireland has. We will cruise the picturesque lakes of western Ireland between the gorgeous village of Glasson and the County Clare village of Killaloe, stopping at several charming villages such as Carrick-On-Shannon, Terryglass, and Mountshannon on the River Shannon.

This breathtaking Irish cruise will put you in touch with the legends and fables of the mythical land, the hospitable Irish people, and the wonderful wildlife. The extraordinary history of this land will quickly become apparent as you navigate through the Irish waters such as Lough Derg and Lough Ree. On the journey, you will bear witness to the warming soul of the nation through the music, the crafts, and the people.

Ireland River Cruise Map

Luxury Ireland Hotel Barge Cruise

  • Breathtaking green landscape, friendly people, and wonderful wildlife
  • Discover the heart of the island through music, culture, and soul
  • Cruise the magical waters on the stunning 10-passenger Shannon Princess

Hotel Barge Shannon Princess, the glorious 10-passenger barge, is the biggest and most luxurious hotel barge that cruises on Ireland’s longest river, the River Shannon. The vessel’s interior has been thoughtfully designed to perfectly mimic a traditional Irish country house. It features a cosy saloon and a spacious dining area, both with panoramic windows so that you never miss a view. It also features 5 elegant junior suites that have been stylishly furnished and feature air-conditioning and central heating, plus stunning modern en suite bathrooms.

The crew of 5 will be on hand at all times throughout your Ireland river cruise to try and accommodate your every request. Within the crew, the talented master chef will be freshly preparing and cooking some of the most divine Celtic dishes throughout your trip, which are perfectly complemented with a hand-selection of wines. The crew will be on hand to serve you anything you may want from your morning coffees to the Irish speciality, Guinness.

During your cruise around Ireland, you will embark on numerous extraordinary excursions that will let you fully immerse yourselves into the heritage, cultures, and traditions of the country.

Ireland River Cruise Highlights

The stunning Shannon Princess hotel barge navigates the River Shannon and surrounding lakes between the quaint villages of Glasson and Killaloe. Throughout the cruise, you will get the opportunity to explore and unlock the widely undiscovered beauty of ‘the emerald isle’.

The exploration of the stunning local villages along this picture-postcard route will allow you to fully experience the true soul of the country. The lively music, friendly locals and enchanting scenery all ensure that your time on the waterways of Ireland will be a truly unforgettable experience.

One of the most popular explorations on our journey is through the breathtaking inner lakes of Lough Ree. From here we will head north where you will get the chance to explore some of the 365 glorious islands on the lake, surrounded by magical scenery.

The Shannon Princess will also take you to some of the area’s most impressive architectural locations such as Portumna Castle, Birr Castle and many more. Not only are these locations incredibly impressive, but they are also steeped in history and culture.

Ireland River Cruise Video

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Why Book An Irish River Cruise?

  • You will navigate some of the most beautiful waterways that Europe has to offer surrounded by enchanted scenery that is widely undiscovered to most of the world
  • Throughout the cruise you will get to experience the true soul of Ireland through the beautiful music, friendly locals and stunning greenery
  • You will visit locations that are not only beautiful but they are also steeped in history and culture.

Our Hotel Barge in Ireland

Deluxe 10 Passengers 5 Crew Cruise Rates
Shannon Princess Ireland Cruise

Shannon Princess is a deluxe, 10 passenger hotel barge that cruises the River Shannon and lakes of Western Ireland between Glasson and Killaloe from April to September


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    Themed Ireland River Cruises

    We offer many themed cruises around Ireland and along the River ShannonIf you charter the whole vessel then we can tailor your itinerary to include something special for all your guests. You will still experience the same route but have more stops catered to the theme of your choosing.

    On our Artisan Ireland Cruises you will visit numerous different artisan locations so that you can appreciate the immense artisan culture that Ireland possesses. You will visit numerous cheese makers, farms, chocolatiers, butchers and so many more locations and industries to give you a rare insight into what these artisan workers’ daily routines look like.

    Throughout the week on our Irish Family Charters, we will moor at different locations where you will get the chance to take part in a number of extraordinary activities such as archery, rock climbing, zip-lining, open water swimming, picnicking, ghost hunting, horse riding and so much more for the whole family to get involved in.

    Throughout your Golf Cruise on the River Shannon, you will get the chance to play at stunning golf courses such as Glasson Golf & Country Club, Lahinch Golf Club, Trump International Golf Links, and Adare Manor Golf Resort. All of these courses are perfectly located in the lush Irish countryside and therefore boast views that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best month to cruise in Ireland?

    As with many cruises in Europe, the best time of year to embark on a river cruise in Ireland is in the summer. Our cruises are available from May to September to catch the best of the warmer weather

    How long do Ireland river cruises last?

    When you book an Ireland river cruise, you will typically be on the cruise for 7days, however, if you charter the entire vessel, you can tailor your itinerary to your liking. View our typical Ireland cruise itinerary here.

    How much do Ireland river cruises cost?

    Our cruises start from approximately $4,000 / 3,500€ / £3,000 per person per week and include:

    • Comfortable accommodation
    • Gourmet meals prepared by the on-board chef, fine wines and an open bar
    • Daily escorted excursions
    • Local transfers
    • Bicycles and, on most hotel barges, an on-deck spa pool
    • Attentive service from an experienced crew


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