Safe Cruising Protocols

Safe Cruising Protocols

A Hotel Barge cruise is the ideal holiday for the “new world” of travel. With small numbers of passengers (usually 8 to 12) on board, we cruise through rural areas only a few feet from the bank and offer regular opportunities to disembark to walk or ride the towpaths. Excursions are mostly private and exclusive and able to be adapted to everyone’s needs. And many clients charter the whole barge to create their own secure private space for friends and family.

Nonetheless, whilst wishing to maintain the ambience of a barge cruise which makes it a unique experience, we are aware that going forward, our standards of hygiene and health security will need to be maintained at the highest level and a summary of our enhanced procedures is outlined below. Further details can be provided on request.


All guests must notify us if they are suffering or displaying symptoms of any contagious disease including Covid.

Company Policy on Contagious Diseases

The company policy regarding contagious diseases is laid out below.

“Due to the size of our vessels and the nature of our cruises, there are on board no facilities for medical treatment or isolation and no medically trained staff (other than for First Aid). Therefore, in the event that you contract or display symptoms of any contagious or other serious disease which might put your health or the health of others on board at serious risk, you may be refused boarding or asked to leave the vessel. In such circumstances, you must immediately inform the crew.”

Cleaning on Board

Before and after every cruise, the barge, minibus, and any shared equipment (Jacuzzis, bikes, umbrellas etc.) will be subjected to deep cleaning procedures with disinfectant including the wiping down of all surfaces. Cabins and public areas will be thoroughly cleaned daily.

Air conditioning on board is not circulated between cabins but is individual. Many staterooms also have opening portholes to allow fresh air in. All aircon units for the barge and vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected before every cruise.

Guest Hygiene Protocols

Sanitiser stations will be located around the barge. Masks and gloves will be available at all times, to be worn if desired or appropriate.

Our Crews
Crew will be subject to regular medical checks. Enhanced training will be provided on all aspects of company hygiene policy including regular hand washing. Masks will be worn if appropriate.

Medical Facilities & Back Up

The only medical equipment on board is a First Aid Box and a defibrillator. Should there be any medical issues whilst on board, each barge has the contact of an English speaking doctor who can attend at short notice. If required, a member of the barge crew will escort you to the nearest medical facilities

Policy Review
The above procedures are kept under regular review and will be amended if required by government guidance.