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Visit the culinary heartland of France and explore its rich history on a Gascony river cruise

Gascony is a peaceful region with bold colours and flavours, making for an incredibly beautiful holiday destination. With orchards and vineyards alike to visit, you’ll get a taste of the real France when you book your hotel barge in Gascony. There are many stunning locations to visit when you get off of the beaten track and instead take to the rivers and canals of Gascony.

The “Canal des Deux Mers”, comprising the Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi, links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. This gives the region of L’Occitanie stunning colours and scenery, with fields of sunflowers and more to enjoy.

You’ll cruise through Gascony along the Canal du Garonne, exploring medieval fortified ‘bastides’ like Valance d’Agen, before heading to the quaint villages and farms of the region to sample local produce. Take the 1,000-foot aqueduct over the River Tarn and sail under weeping willows. It will make for an incredible journey, so book your Gascony river cruise now for the holiday of a lifetime.

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Visit Gascony on a Luxury Hotel Barge

  • The first-class 8-passenger old Dutch “Klipper” barge, Rosa, is one of the most popular of our hotel barges, taking you on a tour of Gascony between April and August

A French barge cruise through Gascony is the ideal way to see the area. Your cruise route will take you through some of the most beautiful locations the region has to offer, and you’ll see historic sites and try the most delicious food and drink that the area is known for. While the Canal du Midi is relatively well known, there are stretches of it off the tourist track that you can explore on your Gascony cruise.

The Rosa hotel barge is now a charming hotel barge, although she started life as an old Dutch “Klipper” barge, used during the previous century to carry different cargo throughout Holland. Boasting attractive wood panelling and cosy rooms for 8 passengers, you’ll enjoy a luxurious journey throughout Gascony.

We offer three different types of Gascony cruises for you to choose from. The classic cruise gives you guided tours and private tastings at local Armagnac producers and vineyards, as well as visits to UNESCO-classified abbeys and other iconic buildings. Interested in a holiday with a difference? We also offer themed cruises in Gascony including a family cruise and a golf cruise.

Taste the Stunning Culinary Delights of Gascony

Like many of the regions of France, Gascony is known for its gourmet food and drink scene. It is recognised for producing a number of different drinks, including wine and fine brandy. The oldest brandy in France, Armagnac, originates here, and you’ll discover some of the best wines in France to sample on your journey.

Food lovers will find plenty of food to enjoy in the culinary heartland of France. Gascony is well known for a variety of foods including foie gras, duck confit, and garlic. Many of the local restaurants and cafes are passionate about giving you the farm-to-table experience, with delicious dishes inspired by local produce.

Gascony Cruise Highlights

The Rosa classic cruise in Gascony is a classic for a reason. She will take you to some of the most amazing locations, and we are always updating our itinerary to ensure you get the best experience. The direction of the cruise will vary on alternate weeks, but you’ll still experience the best that Gascony has to offer.

Starting in Montauban, close to the beginning of the Canal de Garonne, you’ll visit an artisanal dairy farm at Ramier with a tour and delicious tasting. From here, you’ll cruise to Montech and enjoy dinner on board. A trip to Castelsarrasin to visit an organic winery in the Brulhois wine region will finish off Day 3 of your Gascony river trip nicely.

Looking to explore the rich history of the area? We’ll take you to the UNESCO-classified 7th-century Abbaye St-Pierre de Moissac. Enjoy a tour and lunch at its excellent restaurant, located in front of the abbey entrance for an unforgettable meal. From here, you’ll cruise the River Tarn along the 1,000-foot aqueduct, the Pont Canal du Cacor.

Our next stop takes us to Pommevic, where we’ll visit the 18th-century Château de la Motte and receive a tour by the resident Countess. After tea with the Countess in the private apartments and a history lesson in the family’s association with the Kings of France, we’ll travel to the hillside village of Auvillar. This 15th-century village sits atop a gorge and makes for some incredible sights.

One of the final mooring points will be at Boé, with a guided tour and private tastings at Domaine de Lapeyrade. Sample Armagnac and Floc du Gascogne before taking a trip to the medieval town of Nérac. There are so many incredible places to visit on your tour of the region, with plenty of Gascony excursions you can book to enhance your trip.

Our Hotel Barge in Gascony

First Class 8 Passengers 4 Crew Cruise Rates
Rosa Cruising

Rosa is a first-class, 8 passenger hotel barge that cruises in Gascony between Agen and Montauban from April and August

Why Book a Gascony Region Cruise?

Gascony is one of the most popular regions in France to visit, thanks to the stunning combination of history, culture, and cuisine for you to explore and experience. Your river cruise through Gascony will show you some of the most unforgettable destinations, and the Rosa will take you there in style. Book your cruise today or discuss a private charter booking with European Waterways.


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