Wine & Whisky

Wine & Whisky

Many of our cruises are through some of the best wine- growing regions of France, such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Languedoc-Roussillon, Champagne and Alsace.

There is something to please every palate...

…and during your cruise you will enjoy a wide selection of wines, all served with great care.

We have developed strong relationships with many renowned vineyards over more than 30 years, seeing a new generation of viticulturers combining modern techniques with age-old processes.

And for those of you aboard our hotel barges in Scotland and Ireland which are too far north for “the grape”, there will be distillery tours and private tastings to savour the wonderful whiskies of the Celtic world.

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From the full-bodied Côte de Nuits and Vosne Romanée vintages of Burgundy to the Minervois, Corbieres and Côtes de Roussillon wines of Southern France; from the crisp, dry white wines of Sancerre and Chablis to the distinctive Reislings of the Alsace and Moselle regions, and of course, Champagne.

There are visits to some of the most renowned domaines of the Côte de Nuits, Chablis and Sancerre regions, as well as to smaller family-run vineyards such as the 14th century Château de Perdiguier in the Midi and Villa Widmann-Borletti in the Po Valley in Italy.