Classic French Dishes & Where to Eat Them

Planning a culinary journey through France? Here are six classic French dishes that appear on many a foodie’s bucket list, alongside where they were invented…

A typical French bistro

Boeuf Bourguignon, Burgundy

Beef bourguignon, boeuf bourguignon, beef Burgundy or boeuf à la Bourguignonne – whatever you choose to call it, this traditional Burgundian beef stew is cooked in full-bodied Burgundy wine with shallots, carrots, mushrooms and bacon. It’s hearty, rich and bursting with flavour.

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Beef Bourguignon or Boef Bourguignon is a popular dish served aboard luxury hotel barge Finesse in Burgundy - Barge Holiday in France

Freshly Caught Oysters, Canal du Midi

The Languedoc region is famous for its oysters, and the Canal du Midi runs through its very heart. For us, there are just two ways to eat Languedoc oysters: in one of the excellent seafood restaurants which hem the shoreline in many of the local fishing villages such as Bouzigues and Sète, or onboard our luxury cruises – prepared by our master chefs. Eat them fresh with shallot vinegar and a slice of brown bread and butter.

To find out more about Languedoc oysters, read our blog or to for travel inspiration, browse our Canal du Midi cruises. 

Oysters are a speciality in the Languedoc region and can be experienced on a Canal du Midi cruise

Duck Foie Gras, Gascony

In Gascony, also known as The Land of the Musketeers, the controversial, yet classic French dish, Foie Gras, is local tradition – with a slight Gascon twist. Gascony Foie Gras is the fatty liver of a duck that has been specially fed for the last few weeks of it’s life. With duck being a speciality in the region, other popular dishes include Duck Cassoulet and Duck Leg Confit.

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Duck Foie Gras is a popular dish in Gascony

Entrecote Bordelaise, Bordeaux

Simple local ingredients and a good cut of steak creates a classic French dish that’s bursting with flavour! Created in the Bordeaux region, the sauce is the dish’s pièce de résistance – made using local Bordeaux wine, shallots, butter and bone marrow – simply exquisite.

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Beef Entrecote or Entrecote Bordelaise is a popular Bordeaux dish, using Bordelaise sauce

Potée Champenoise, Champagne

There are various versions of Potée in France, and the Potée Champenoise is one of our favourites. The Champagne version of this dish consists of an abundance of seasonal vegetables and three types of pork meat including ham hock, bacon and Toulouse sausage. Hearty, flavoursome and simple.

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Potee Champenoise - a regional recipe to Champagne, but various version are created throughout France

Quiche Lorraine, Alsace and Lorraine

Whilst Lorraine is famed for an abundance of local specialities – both savoury and sweet, including Val d’Ajol andouillette and macaroons; it’s likely that the most famous dish is the modest Quiche Lorraine – a buttery pastry tart filled with a savoury custard, bacon lardons and a smooth and smoky cheese.

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Quiche Lorraine is traditional pastry dish originating from the Lorraine Alsace region

Savour Classic French Dishes Aboard

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