Your attentive crew will be happy to pamper you

Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service

Crews are mainly British or French and they all speak English, so there is no need to worry about a language barrier when they are telling you about the local culture, history, wines or gastronomy.

The various roles undertaken by your crew will soon become clear…

Your Crew

Your Captain…

…an experienced barge master, will impress you with his ability to guide the impossibly large vessel into the smallest lock and under the lowest of bridges with inches to spare.

He may also double as your guide, taking your party around family-owned vineyards, fine castles or perhaps a small crystal works, but always returning you to your hotel barge in time for the next culinary event or stage in your cruising journey.

Your Master Chef…

as well as creating the finest of dishes, is invariably something of a culinary historian and a mine of information when it comes to regional recipes, cheeses and, of course, fine wines.

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One of the crew…

…will always escort you on excursions and act as a guide. Although not officially accredited or always with an in-depth knowledge of every site visited, they do have a real interest in the local region, which they can share with you.

The attentive hosts and hostesses…

…who are also the housekeepers, will serve the meals and wines, and are there to cater to your every need. The deck-hand meanwhile works away behind the scenes, keeping the ship clean and tidy, repositioning the hotel barge minibus and preparing the bicycles.

Your highly professional crew…

…members stay in the background, but can always find time to share with you some aspect of local knowledge to enhance your cruise.