Unmissable Private Dining Experiences

Want to know more about our exclusive private dining experiences? You’ve come to the right place! Fine dining plays a huge role on our luxury barge cruises, but it’s our exclusive private dining experiences that feed our guests’ appetite for more experiential excursions! From exquisite dining in the home of a renowned 19th Century Artist, to lunch in the heart of an historic Burgundy domaine, read on to find out more…

Meet the Countess of Villa Ca'Zen, nestled on the banks of the River Po - private dining experiences

What Are These Private Dining Experiences?

Whilst each and every meal will be a private fine dining affair shared with guests aboard their cruise, there are occasions during your cruise week where they’ll have the opportunity to dine ashore in some fantastic hidden gems – exclusively available for guests who cruise with us. Some of our favourite private dining experiences include dinner with a Countess on cruises aboard the Italian hotel barge, La Bella Vita, and a gourmet lunch with a Baroness at a 12th century château in Burgundy aboard La Belle Epoque.

We’ve also added a gastronomic meal at the Domaine Chanson winery, located in the heart of the UNESCO-listed terroirs of Burgundy aboard L’Impressionniste, and a gourmet lunch at the home of the most celebrated female artist of the 19th Century, Rosa Bonheur, available on cruises aboard flagship Renaissance in Western Burgundy.

Rosa Bonheur - Private Dining Experiences

Guests can now look forward to new and wider selections of private gourmet experiences at historic domaines, stately homes and other unique sites that will further immerse them in the culture and history of their cruise regions – experiences that only our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy. – Derek Banks, Managing Director

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Brand-New Private Dining Experiences

Among our latest excursions is a visit to the perfectly-preserved home of famed 19th century French artist, Rosa Bonheur, best known for her cinematic-style paintings of animal scenes. Available on cruises aboard the 8-passenger hotel barge Renaissance on the Canal de Briare, this charming excursion includes a hosted four-course lunch in the artist’s private saloon.  After lunch, guests will join the present owner to tour Bonheur’s studio, which has remained untouched since the artist’s death in 1889. Rosa Bonheur’s fascinating history includes her friendship with legendary American soldier and entertainer, Buffalo Bill, whom she depicts on horseback in one of her best known paintings. Read more about our Rosa Bonheur excursion here >

The 12-passenger L’Impressionniste hotel barge winds through the picturesque Ouche Valley in Southern Burgundy. As part of a private tour of the Domaine Chanson in historic Beaune, guests will be treated to a gastronomic lunch in the domaine’s château. The domaine ages its wines in the former 15th century defence tower of Bastion de l’Oratoire, whose 25-foot-thick walls are perfect for the job. Read more about our Domaine Chanson excursion here >

A gourmet lunch with a Baroness at the 12th century Château de Ricey-Bas is also on the menu for guests aboard the 12-passenger La Belle Epoque in Burgundy. The Baroness hosts guests for a champagne aperitif and a gourmet lunch in her private salon, or the impressive 13th century vaulted kitchen of the former castle. The château itself is steeped in history and offers a glimpse into its past life, embedded in the region’s heritage. Guests can work off their gastronomic feast by exploring the château’s interior and expansive gardens. Read more about Champagne Wednesdays here >

Château de Ricey-Bas - private dining experiences

Discover our Private Dining Experiences

For more information on our private dining experiences, speak to a member of our Cruise Teams via our Contact Form, or order your free copy of our brochure for help in planning your future cruise by clicking here >

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