Scotland's Smallest Pepperpot Lighthouse

Did you know, there are only a handful of ‘saltshaker’ or ‘pepperpot’ lighthouses left in the UK? With many societies campaigning the preservation of these charming structures, we thought we’d highlight one of Scotland’s smallest, which can be spotted on our Scottish Highland Cruises

Fort August pepperpot saltshaker lighthouse can be seen on European Waterways' luxury barge cruises

What is a saltshaker or pepperpot lighthouse, you ask? The names of these medieval lighthouses were aptly given based on the size and shape of the structure. Unlike modern-day lighthouses, these two-storey buildings are much smaller and therefore a shorter range for nearby vessels.

Cruising aboard our 12-passenger Spirit of Scotland and 8-passenger Scottish Highlander luxury barge cruises, you can spot the charming Fort Augustus lighthouse, built in 1840. Here she sits on the banks of the Caledonian Canal, welcoming vessels arriving from Loch Ness.

See the Fort Augustus Pepperpot Lighthouse

Witness Fort Augustus’ saltshaker or pepperpot lighthouse aboard both of our elegant Scotland cruises. For more information on planning your cruise, please talk to a member of our team or order a copy of our brochure .

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