Luxury Barge Holidays Scotland

An inspiring land of mountains, glens and famous battlefields, with magical lochs that reflect the legends of the past.

Scotland makes up the northern third of the Island of Great Britain. Other than neighbouring England in the southeast, the coast of Scotland is surrounded by nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean. The Scottish Highlands are truly underrated and underappreciated by a majority of the world, Scotland is full of charm, character, history, and spectacular scenery.

The waters of Scotland are among the most beautiful and breathtaking in the world. Our luxury hotel barges cruise through the magical Great Glen, located between the historic city centre of Inverness, regarded as the capital of the Highlands, and the historic town of Fort William stretching the east to the west coast of Scotland. Everything about this cruise will leave you with everlasting memories of your hotel barging holiday.

On the boat’s journey, you will be able to take in the charming heather-clad hilltops and ancient castles that decorate the Scottish canals. Over the duration of your holiday, we will be serenely cruising through some of the most stunning lochs that Scotland has to offer such as the infamous Loch Ness and Loch Oich, as well as navigating through the complex Caledonian Canal, a true engineering masterpiece.

You will also get the chance to pass through the infamous Loch Ness, giving you the unique opportunity to get your own sighting of the mythical Loch Ness Monster. The Loch is not just about its mythical stories, it has stunning scenery and architecture such as Urquhart Castle, making it a destination that you just cannot miss. The enchanting scenery and the history of the Scottish Highlands make this truly one of the most phenomenal inland cruising experiences in the world.

Caledonian Canal Scotland Map

Scottish Highlander Canal Boat Holiday

Mimicking a stunning traditional Scottish country home, the Scottish Highlander canal boat features gorgeous tartan furniture, and landscaping paintings to remind you of the spectacular Highlands that surround you. The 117 feet long barge incorporates both space and luxury harmoniously through its high-quality elegant finishes that allow you to enjoy the glorious Highlands in divine opulence.

The warm and welcoming finishings give a traditional and cosy feel to the observation deck, wheelhouse, and cabins for your short breaks. The boat also features a fully stocked bar at all times serving the most glorious single malt whiskey that Scotland has to offer to allow you to truly immerse yourself in the experience.

The Scottish barge features stunning accommodation for up to eight guests, with three twin/double staterooms and a large junior suite. Each of the cabins is centrally heated with stunning ensuite facilities.

Hotel Barge Spirit of Scotland

This stunning boat was purpose-built less than twenty years ago as a hotel barge, however, traditional steamer boats, which she was modelled after having been occupying and navigating these lochs for generations.

With numerous comfortable and elegant public areas both inside and outside, you have the perfect viewing points to watch the stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands. The Spirit of Scotland can accommodate up to 12 guests in luxurious comfort in its 6 beautiful, air-conditioned cabins. The cabins offer either twin or double beds and are complimented with beautifully designed bathrooms.

The glorious interior truly defines The Spirit of Scotland with a bright and spacious dining area, a fully stocked bar, and a wheelhouse that provides uninterrupted views of the glorious route ahead. Outside is luxury defined as it features a heated spa pool, covered outdoor dining areas, and recliner seats so that you can take in the fresh air in comfort.

A crew of 6 will accompany you on board to ensure that you have the full 5-star treatment. They will be serving the finest Scottish cuisine, fine wines, and a wide range of Scottish whiskeys.

Scotland Barge Cruise Highlights

The Scottish canal cruises on board The Scottish Highlander and The Spirit Of Scotland travel through some of the country’s most amazing scenery. Thanks to its vast canals, lochs and rivers that run through the enchanting countryside, Scotland is undoubtedly one of the best countries to see from the water in the world.

On board our luxury vessels Scotland’s stunning lochs and Caledonian Canals are fully accessible, allowing you to unlock the beauty of the waterways, no matter what the weather. There is no better way to travel the waters than in one of our incredibly luxurious barge hotels.

Over the course of the cruise, we will travel between the northeastern coastal city of Inverness and the mountainous town of Fort William, deep within the highlands. A popular stop along our cruises is at the many castles along our journey. You will get to experience the beauty of castles such as Cawdor Castle, immortalised in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as well as the stunning Urquhart Castle ruins.

Hotel Barges in Scotland

Deluxe 8 Passengers 5 Crew Cruise Rates
Scottish Highalnder

Scottish Highlander is a first-class, 8 passenger hotel barge that cruises the Scottish Highlands between Muirtown and Banavie from April to October

Deluxe 12 Passengers 6 Crew Cruise Rates

Spirit of Scotland is a deluxe, 12 passenger hotel barge that cruises the Scottish Highlands between Banavie and Muirtown in the Scottish Highlands from June to October

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    Whiskey Trail In Scottish Highlands

    On both The Scottish Highlander and The Spirit Of Scotland we offer whiskey cruises, with a specialised itinerary that allows whiskey lovers to visit several of Scotland’s oldest distilleries and to test some of the finest whiskeys to come out of the Highlands.

    For years, Scotland has been producing some of the world’s highest quality whiskey and single malt whiskeys in the world. The highlands are synonymous with phenomenal whiskey, in 2021 whiskey accounted for 75% of Scottish food and drink exports. This is because of the work that these family-run distilleries are doing throughout the country and have been doing for centuries.

    You will be taken to numerous fantastic distilleries such as Benromach Distillery, Tomatin Distillery, and the Cairngorms National Parks Distillery. At these wonderful distilleries, you will moor up and embark on in-depth tours before sitting down for your private tasting of the world-renowned whiskey.

    Other Themed Cruises Scotland

    If you charter out the vessel then there are a number of fascinating and unique themed cruises that will help you see even more of the amazing opportunities that this breathtaking country has to offer.

    On our Golf Cruise you will get the chance to play at some of Scotland’s most exclusive courses. Your days will be full of beautiful scenery like Ben Nevis and Neptune’s Staircase in Banavie, stunning Scottish cuisine, local single malt whiskey, and countless rounds of golf.

    We also offer Garden Cruises that will take you to some of the country’s most beautiful gardens and locations. You will get the chance to explore the stunning gardens of the famous Cawdor Castle. These picture gardens have been listed among the UKs top 100. Cawdor castle has been immortalised in the Shakespear ‘Scottish Play’, Macbeth.

    Why Book A Scottish Barge Cruise

    • You will get the chance to cruise through some of the UKs most beautiful waterways in your luxury barge hotel.
    • Throughout the voyage you will experience vast amounts of history and culture that will make for a truly unforgettable experience.
    • You will get the chance to stop and take in some of the area’s most historic and beautiful sights.
    • You will navigate through the many of the country’s vast lochs, most notably the famous Loch Ness.


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    Is a cruise a good way to see Scotland?

    Yes, there are several river cruises available in Scotland. The most popular one is the Caledonian Canal Cruise, which takes you through the stunning Highlands and connects various inland lochs, including Loch Ness. This cruise offers a unique way to experience Scotland’s natural beauty and explore historic sites such as Urquhart Castle.

    Do cruise ships go through the Caledonian Canal?

    No, cruise ships do not typically go through the Caledonian Canal. The Caledonian Canal in Scotland is primarily used for smaller vessels, such as recreational boats and small commercial ships. Cruise ships are typically too large to navigate through the canal, which has narrow stretches and several low bridges.

    Is a cruise a good way to see Scotland?

    A cruise is a great way to see Scotland, as it allows you to visit multiple locations and provides a unique perspective of the country. Scotland is renowned for its breath-taking scenery, and cruising allows you to witness stunning landscapes from a unique perspective. Cruises also offer a convenient way to explore without the need for constant packing and unpacking. You can simply relax and let the boat transport you between destinations.

    Cruises often offer a range of shore excursions, allowing you to customize your experience based on your interests. You can participate in guided tours, visit historical sites, explore nature reserves, or engage in outdoor activities such as hiking or wildlife spotting. Cruises also provide opportunities to experience Scottish culture through onboard activities, including traditional music, local cuisine, and informative talks about the country’s history and traditions.