Italian River Cruises

Venice, the Islands of the Venetian Lagoon, the Canal Bianco and the Po Valley to Mantua

Undoubtedly, Italy may be one of the most beautiful locations in the world that can host a river cruise. Its breathtaking landscape, along with its magical rivers and canals means that the country was almost tailor-made for these cruises. When thinking about the Italian waterways, it is impossible to forget the infamous Venice and the wider Veneto regions.

The majestic waterways that are today full of beauty were once trade routes used by the Romans and the settlers before them. The journey between Venice and the Lakeside Renaissance city of Mantua is a truly magical experience and will allow you an insight into the history and cultures that the waters that you cruise in represent, like Renaissance, Roman, Etruscan and Byzantine.

We will visit some of the 177 glorious canals and historic locations that Venice has to offer such as the Rialto bridge, St. Marks square and Doge’s palace. You can also jump aboard an icon of Venice, the gondola for a small tour around the waters. Following on from Venice, the charming rivers and waterways will lead to the final destination of Mantua, one of the true gems of northern Italy.

La Bella Vita Italy Cruise Map

Luxury Hotel Barge Cruises In Italy

  • Stunning and diverse landscapes, breathtakingly colourful Venetian lagoons and incredible nature to sightsee.
  • Cruise in Luxury and style aboard the 20-passenger La Bella Vita.
  • Embrace the history and culture of the very waters that you are cruising.
  • You will be chauffeured both on arrival day and when you disembark on departure date.

Hotel barge La Bella Vita is a stylish and modern 20-passenger vessel with a typical Italian interior. The stunning vibrant colour accents throughout the boat help to create a serene atmosphere so that you can take in the incredible scenery in divine comfort.

There is a fully stocked bar at all times to allow you to enjoy a cold glass of prosecco in the Mediterranean sun. There is also a stunning spacious dining room with traditional louvre doors that open to give an awe-inspiring and uninterrupted view as you are served the finest Italian cuisine.

The vessel features two upper deck junior suites and eight lower deck staterooms, all air-conditioned with stunning en-suite bathrooms.

Wining & Dining

Much like its stunning scenery, Italy is also renowned for its phenomenal cuisine. You will experience the local Venetian cuisine, which varies significantly from the traditional northern Italy cuisine. Being a mountain region, Venetian dishes typically use pork, beef and chicken and are often served with polenta. However, as we journey closer to the coast, seafood is the cuisine of choice.

On board La Bella Vita we have our own phenomenal master chef who over the course of the trip will prepare a series of regional and national dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most critical pallets. Gourmet meals that you can expect on board include Fegato Alla Veneziana, La Polenta, and phenomenal lagoon seafood. Each breathtaking creation is paired with a hand-selected Italian wine such as Chianti Classico Castello d’Albola, Rose Blanc Brut Sanfeletto and Rosso d Montepulciano la Bracesca.

A four-course meal is never completed without a mouth-watering selection of Italian cheeses from all different regions such as Parma, Florence, Bologna, Chioggia, Ferrara, Torcello and many more. Mozzarella d Bufala, Pecorino, Grana Padano, Provolone and Bagos are among our favourite cuts. As you will be able to see, fine dining is a true experience of its own aboard Hotel Barge la Bella Vita.

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    Our Hotel Barge in Italy

    First Class 20 Passengers 6-10 Crew Cruise Rates
    La Bella Vita

    La Bella Vita is a first-class, 20 passenger river cruiser that cruises the Venetian Lagoon and Po Valley in Northern Italy between Venice and Mantua from March to October

    Opera Cruises

    Opera Cruises are available in July & August, subject to ticket availability. Opera cruise includes premium seat tickets at the magnificent Roman amphitheatre, the Arena di Verona. The following departures are open for cabin bookings:

    30th July 2023 – Aida

    *Supplement Applies on all Opera Cruises

    Arena di Verona - River Cruises in Italy

    Solo Traveller Cruise

    We’re delighted to announce our exclusive “Solo Cruises” aboard the stylish 20-passenger La Bella Vita. Cruising between Venice to the Renaissance city of Mantua, this six-night, all-inclusive Italian river cruise enjoys the very best of our classic cruise, with some additional ‘extra surprises’ along the way, that have been hand-picked exclusively for this departure.

    Italian River Cruise Highlights

    La Bella Vita hotel barge navigates the majestic waterways of the historic city of Venice and the mediaeval city of Mantua. Along the voyage, we will make countless tops at the route’s most beautiful and historic locations. One of the most popular stops on our journey is the coastal town of Chioggia. The town is a stunning hidden gem, south of the popular Venice. It is often referred to as ‘The Venice without tourists’ letting you enjoy the stunning canals in a much more peaceful location.

    Along the way, we stop at the stunning renaissance city of Ferrara. Here you will get the opportunity to take in the exterior of the magical moated Este Castle, as well as the Schifanoia Palace. The palace is renowned for its stunning fifteenth-century frescoes and the magnificent cathedral with its facade of the magnificent cathedral with its stunning facade of magnificent sculptured images.

    You will even embark or disembark at the city of Mantua. Situated on the Canal Bianco that runs alongside the Po River. It is much further than most of the larger riverboats can go. As you join the breathtaking Canal Bianco you will be met by the stunning countryside and neo-classical architecture which includes the world heritage site of Ducal Palace and its many courtyards and gardens.

    Another popular stop along the journey is the seventeenth-century Villa Ca’Zen. It is located in the vast Delta Nature Reserve, Italy’s biggest regional; park. Its long and illustrious history is inextricably linked to Lord Byron, one of Britain’s greatest poets.

    Themed Italian Cruises

    If you charter out the whole vessel then we can arrange a wide selection of themed cruises for you to embark on. While traveling on the original route you will have additional stops that will help you to experience some of the amazing things that this beautiful country has to offer. 

    On our Golf Cruise you will play at 4 of the region’s and country’s most exclusive courses such as Verona Golf Club, Frassanelle Golf Club, Golf Club Albarella, and Circolo Golf Venezia. You will have the ability to choose your own tee times so that you can experience the tremendous golf that Italy has to offer as well as enjoy a relaxing holiday on board your luxury river cruise.

    During the course of our once in a lifetime Opera Cruise, you will visit some of the most gorgeous baroque theatres in the region such as Gran Teatro La Fenice where the likes of Rossini and Verdi performed. You will also visit the Teatro Bibiena in Mantua which was opened back in 1770 by a 13-year-old Mozart.

    We also offer a relaxed Gardens Tour Cruise where you will see numerous spectacular gardens that you can explore and admire. You will be taken to the breathtaking 16th-century botanical gardens of Padua, the famous Giardino di Valsanzibio, the ancient Parco Giardino Sigurta and any other gardens in the region that you may want to visit. All of these magical gardens are steeped in history and have so many beautiful features that give them their own character and charm.

    Why Book An Italian River Cruise 

    • The captivating waterways of the Veneto Region and the Po Valley offer a rare and truly unique cruising experience.
    • Throughout the voyage you will experience centuries of culture, history and nature intertwined to make a truly unforgettable experience.
    • Two pickup points available for standard cruises.


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