Wine Appreciation Cruises

Take a wine tour across French and Italian vineyards to sample some of the best wines in Europe

A wine appreciation tour will take you directly to the vineyards for private tastings with our sommeliers. These dedicated luxury charter cruises will take you off of the beaten track and to some of the most intriguing and historic vineyards in the world. See France and Italy in a whole new way with an immersive wine cruise.

There is a reason that our French wine tours are some of the most popular. These tours will give you the chance to sample the finest Burgundies such as Nuits St-Georges, Santenay, and Vosne Romanée. You’ll visit locations including the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and cruise along the Canal du Midi. A wine tour in Italy will show you the best of the country including a trip to Venice, Volta, Zelo and Mantua to name a few destinations.

Our Wine Appreciation Cruise Destinations

  • The Finesse ultra-deluxe 8-passenger hotel barge will show you the beauty of Southern Burgundy
  • Take a first-class wine tour in Burgundy on L’Art de Vivre, an 8-passenger hotel barge
  • Treat yourself to a first-class 10-passenger wine appreciation tour on Athos, exploring the historic Canal du Midi and southwest France
  • Take a gentle journey through Bordeaux on our first-class 8-passenger hotel barge, Rosa
  • Enjoy the ultimate wine appreciation tour through Northern Italy on La Bella Vita, a first-class 20-passenger river cruiser

At European Waterways, we pride ourselves on our hotel barges. All offer luxurious accommodations for between 8 and 20 passengers on a wine tour of France and Italy. Cruising between March or April and October, depending on your destination, you’ll get to explore the rich history of the area, sample the best wines in the region, and enjoy a relaxing cruise in excellent company.

Our hotel barges offer deluxe, ultra-deluxe, and first-class accommodations during your stay. La Belle Epoque is designed with both elegance and passenger comfort in mind, with wood-panelled rooms for a luxurious feel. L’Impressionniste is another of our deluxe passenger hotel barges featuring light and airy interiors blending traditional and modern French influences.

The ultra-deluxe Enchanté is a double-decker hotel barge with a spacious sun deck and a gorgeous spa pool for a relaxing evening. The first-class La Bella Vita is the only hotel barge cruising through Italy’s Venetian Lagoon, River Po, and Canal Bianco. Featuring modern Italian interiors and stunning open spaces on deck, you’ll have the most luxurious wine appreciation tour imaginable.

Wine Appreciation Cruise Highlights

A wine cruise through France will allow you to explore a range of destinations including Burgundy, Canal du Midi, Bordeaux, and the Loire Valley. Each of these French wine tour destinations offers a unique experience, with private wine tastings at some of the most incredible vineyards in the world.

One of the most popular destinations for a wine appreciation tour is Burgundy, with tours taking place throughout the region as well as specifically within North, South, and West Burgundy. Your cruise may take you to some of the following places:

Interested in cruising the Canal du Midi? Anjodi, Athos, and Enchanté offer you luxury accommodation as well as some of the finest vineyards and winemakers to visit, including the acclaimed Pomerol wine co-operative, Domaine Pierre Fil, and Château Lalis.

A wine appreciation cruise of Bordeaux takes you to St. Martin and Buzet wine co-operatives, with cellar tours and tastings. You’ll also visit Château de Malle, offering beautiful Italian-style gardens and stunning scenery.

Explore Italy on the first-class 20-passenger La Bella Vita on a wine tour. With a prosecco welcome and plenty of history to explore, you’ll visit the exceptional Wine Estate of Orto and explore the Renaissance gardens of the 17th-century Villa Widmann Borletti.

Why Book a Wine Appreciation Cruise?

A wine appreciation tour gives you the chance to not only explore the region but also learn about the wines that each area is known for. You’ll spend time exploring the great wine regions of France and enjoy a wine appreciation cruise of Italy to discover somewhere new. With so much history and culture to enjoy, you’ll be spoilt for choice on your wine tour. Choose your cruise today for an unforgettable experience.


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    Hotel Barges for Wine Appreciation Cruises

    La Belle Epoque - Cruising - 490

    La Belle Epoque is a deluxe, 12 passenger hotel barge that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises in Northern Burgundy between Venarey-les-Laumes and Tanlay from April to October

    The Ultra-Deluxe hotel barge Finesse

    Finesse is an ultra-deluxe, 8 passenger hotel barge that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises in Southern Burgundy between St-Julien-sur-Dheune and St-Jean-de-Losne from April to October

    L’Art de Vivre is a first-class, 8 passenger hotel barge that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises in Burgundy between Auxerre and Chevroches from April to October

    Rosa Cruising

    Rosa is a first-class, 8 passenger hotel barge that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises in Gascony & Bordeaux between Castet-en-Dorthe and Boé from April to October


    Athos is a first class 10 passenger hotel barge that cruises the historic Canal du Midi in southwest France

    L'Impressionniste Cruising

    L’Impressionniste is a deluxe, 12 passenger hotel barge that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises in Southern Burgundy between Fleurey-sur-Ouche and Escommes from April and October

    Renaissance barge

    Renaissance is an ultra-deluxe, 8 passenger hotel barge that cruises the canals of the Upper Loire and Western Burgundy


    Enchanté is an ultra-deluxe, 8 passenger hotel barge that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises on Canal du Midi between Salèlles d’Aude and Trèbes from April to October

    Anjodi cruising on the Canal du Midi, France

    Anjodi is a first-class, 8 passenger hotel barge that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises on the Canal du Midi between Marseillan and Le Somail from April and October

    La Bella Vita

    La Bella Vita is a first-class, 20 passenger river cruiser that offers Wine Appreciation Cruises in Northern Italy between Venice to Mantua from March to October.


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