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Supplements for Themed Cruises

Antiques Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
Magna CartaEnglandCharter (Max. 8)No Charge

Antiques cruises include visits to well-known antiques centres near London, and antique shops in Windsor, Eton and villages near the River Thames.

Art Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
AthosCanal du MidiCabin Bookings (inc. charter)$4,150.00 per charter

Art cruises include daily painting tuition by a qualified and experienced watercolour artist.

Artisan Cruise

BargeAreaAvailable For
Shannon PrincessIrelandCabin BookingsNo Charge

Artisan cruises include visits to specialist artisans where a variety of hand-made products are produced.

Culinary Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
EnchanteCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 8)$150.00 per person
L'ImpressionnisteBurgundyCharter (Max. 12)$150.00 per person

Culinary cruises include more food-focussed excursions, a French cooking lesson and onboard cooking demonstrations.

Cycling Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
L'Art de VivreBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)$3,700.00 per charter
FinesseBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)$3,300.00 per charter
NympheaLoire ValleyCharter (Max. 6)$2,850.00 per charter

Biking cruises include daily cycling with a professional cycling guide and an upgrade of bicycles.

Families With Children Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
AnjodiCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 8)No Charge
AthosCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 10)No Charge
EnchanteCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 8)No Charge
L'Art de VivreBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)No Charge
La Belle EpoqueBurgundyCharter (Max. 12)No Charge
L'ImpressionnisteBurgundyCharter (Max. 12)No Charge
Magna CartaEnglandCharter (Max. 8)No Charge
NympheaLoire ValleyCharter (Max. 6)No Charge
PanacheAlsace & LorraineCharter (Max. 12)No Charge
RenaissanceBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)No Charge
Scottish HighlanderScotlandCharter (Max. 8)No Charge
Shannon PrincessIrelandCharter (Max. 10)No Charge
Spirit of ScotlandScotlandCharter (Max. 12)No Charge

Families with children charter cruises are available on many of our hotel barges, with tailor-made itineraries that take into consideration the ages and interests of all those in the group. A wide range of activities can be arranged with us and some will incur a supplement e.g. go-karting. Other activities can be booked by the family group directly with the provider e.g. hot air ballooning. Baby and child equipment can be provided at no extra cost including children's bikes and helmets, car seats, cots, high chairs, etc. Children under 18 receive a discount on many vessels.

Flower Show Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
Magna CartaEnglandAll Bookings (inc. charter)No Charge

Flower Show cruises include visits to various gardens in Southern England as well as a day at either Hampton Court Flower Show or Chelsea Flower Show.

Golf Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
AnjodiCanal du MidiAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
AthosCanal du MidiAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
EnchanteCanal du Midi and ProvenceAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
L'ImpressionnisteBurgundyAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
La Bella VitaItalyAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
NympheaLoire ValleyAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
RenaissanceBurgundyAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
PanacheChampagneAll BookingsNo Charge
Magna CartaEnglandAll Bookings (inc. charter)$940.00 per person
RosaGasconyAll Bookings (inc. charter)$600.00 per person
Scottish HighlanderScotlandAll Bookings (inc. charter)$900.00 per person
Shannon PrincessIrelandAll Bookings (inc. charter)$900.00 per person
Spirit of ScotlandScotlandAll Bookings (inc. charter)$900.00 per person

Golf cruises include four pre-booked and paid tee times and transfers to and from the golf clubs. Hire of clubs, caddy or buggy not included. *Only those golfing pay the supplement. A minimum of 4 passengers on a golf charter are required to play golf.

Honeymoon Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
NympheaLoire ValleyCharter (Max. 2)No Charge
Scottish HighlanderScotlandCharter (Max. 2)No Charge

Honeymoon charters are available on all hotel barges but we highly recommend these 2 vessels for your special 6 night celebration.

Opera Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
La Bella VitaItalyCabin Bookings (inc. charter)$950.00 per person

Opera available on cruises departing 24 June to 26 August, subject to ticket and hotel availability on chosen date. Opera cruises includes one night's stay in a 4 star hotel, one extra dinner and premium seat tickets to watch an opera in the magnificent Roman amphitheatre, the Arena di Verona.

Tennis Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
Magna CartaEnglandCharter (Max. 8)$410.00 per person
L'Art de VivreBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)No Charge
AthosCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 10)No Charge

Tennis cruises include pre-booked and paid courts and transfers to and from the tennis clubs.

Walking Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
L'Art de VivreBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)$2,800.00 per charter
La Belle EpoqueBurgundyCharter (Max. 12)$3,400.00 per charter
Magna CartaEnglandCharter (Max. 8)$2,800.00 per charter
Shannon PrincessIrelandCharter (Max. 10)$1,300.00 per charter

Walking cruises include daily walking with a professional walking guide.

Whisky Trail Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
Scottish HighlanderScotlandCabin BookingsNo Charge
Spirit of ScotlandScotlandCabin BookingsNo Charge

Whisky Trail cruises include visits to 3 distilleries with private guided tours and tutored tastings.

Wine Appreciation Cruises

BargeAreaAvailable For
AnjodiCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 8)$4,000.00 per charter
AthosCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 10)$4,000.00 per charter
EnchanteCanal du MidiCharter (Max. 8)$4,000.00 per charter
FinesseBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)$4,000.00 per charter
L'Art de VivreBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)$4,000.00 per charter
La Belle EpoqueBurgundyCharter (Max. 12)$5,000.00 per charter
La Bella VitaItalyCharter (Max. 20)$6,500.00 per charter
L'ImpressionnisteBurgundyCharter (Max. 12)$5,000.00 per charter
RosaGascony & BordeauxCharter (Max. 6)$4,000.00 per charter
RenaissanceBurgundyCharter (Max. 8)$4,000.00 per charter

Cruises for charter groups include a comprehensive wine itinerary with additional winery visits, private tastings and the services of a professional wine guide. Also includes an upgrade of the wine list to include additional premier and grand cru wines.