Discover the Charm, Character and Champagne of Reims

The gothic splendour of Reims, Champagne has charmed people for hundreds of years, and tourists flock to this glittering capital of the Champagne region time after time for its culture, art, architecture and of course, its wine.

Vinyards in the Champagne region, Reims.

For those on our luxury barge cruises in Champagne, a stop in this city can be a wonderful way to spend a day, with its fantastic restaurants and stunning sights offering a combination of experiences that few European cities can match.

Of course, one of the major attractions of this part of the country is its champagne, and you will not be disappointed sampling this wonderful drink in its home region; a taste so distinctly French. Our Champagne cruise will, of course, incorporate tasting sessions, but there is more to see and do in Reimschampagne tasting is just part of the fun! Read on for some of our top suggestions for a day on shore…

The Cathedral

More than any other attraction in the city, Reims Cathedral was always going to be number one on this list. It’s a stunning architectural and historical marvel, with almost a millennium’s worth of regal past. It is not just a building, however, with plenty of art for fans of sculpture, stained glass and frescoes. The space inside is enormous and quite awe inspiring, perfectly matching the grandeur of the exterior. Finding the cathedral is not hard, since its towers are visible from afar…

Musée Saint-Rémi

This museum is housed in a wonderful old building that was the former royal abbey in Reims, Champagne. Like the cathedral, it is a UNESCO heritage site and it is full of antiquities and art that will leave you captivated for hours. Even the interior of the building is artwork itself; something stunning around almost every corner.

Musée Saint-Rémi in Reims, Champagne

Porte de Mars

You might expect that all the historic artefacts in Reims would be French, however holiday-makers can, in fact, expect to enjoy seeing the largest Roman arch anywhere on earth while they’re off exploring on land. The Porte de Mars was built around 1800 years ago and is still standing proudly. Roman history buffs can expect to find reliefs of famous myths on the stone structure.

Porte de Mars, in Reims, Champagne

Place Drouet d’Erlon

One of many fabulous squares in the city, the Place Drouet d’Erlon is lined with trees and full of excellent restaurants. If you’re looking for a relaxing spot for lunch then this is a great place to come, eat and still be surrounded by the culture of this wonderful city.

Place Drouet d’Erlon - a popular dining spot when visiting the Champagne capital of Reims

The Trip of a Lifetime

Whether luxury cruises are a yearly event for you, or if this is your first one, you’ll be able to enjoy fantastic cities such as Reims, Champagne’s capital, in a relaxed and comfortable way. No matter what it is you want to get from your trip along the waterway, Reims has something that will suit everyone. It’s a city like no other and being perfectly positioned on the water makes it an ideal stop for those taking a relaxing hotel barge escape.

To plan your Champagne cruise aboard luxury hotel barge Panache, please talk to a member of our team or order a copy of our brochure for a slice of armchair travel inspiration.

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