Top 5 Places to Visit aboard La Bella Vita

Italy is a wonderful destination for a canal cruising holiday. The very popular tourist destination has a network of picturesque rivers and canals to explore, and some of the best are found around iconic Veneto region. One of the most popular options for a river cruise in Italy, is to travel from Venice to Mantua, which will take you through stunning scenery and a number of interesting towns along the way. Here are some of the highlights of the top 5 places to visit, aboard La Bella Vita… 

Hotel barge, La Bella Vita - river cruise in italy

1. Venice

Venice is one of the top 5 places to visit aboard La Bella Vita, so if you embark from here make sure you spend some time exploring this unique city. The canals and attractions of Venice are truly spectacular and there really is nowhere else quite like it.

Explore the Grand Canal from a traditional gondola, eat in the excellent restaurants, and take in the myriad famous sights, which include the Chiesa del Redentore, the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, the Punta della Dogana and St Mark’s Square. Many of these are visible from the canals. Venice is also the perfect city for getting lost. As you wander through the ancient streets you’ll come across a host of off the beaten track attractions that you may otherwise have missed!

The Grand Canal in Venice is a filming location for James Bond's Casino Royale. Witness Venice and its surrounds on a luxury barge cruise

2. Choggia

Chioggia, another favourite in our top 5 places to visit aboard La Bella Vita, is a true hidden gem that’s often referred to as ‘Venice without the tourists’. Stunning Chioggia is also famous for its fish market, which is one of the most important in Italy. It’s well worth taking the time to explore if your itinerary allows it. It is also a very picturesque town with sights including the impressive cathedral and Piazzetta Vigo.

3. Taglio di Po

This is another town along the route from Venice to Mantua. One of the main highlights is the Villa Ca’Zen, a 17thcentury villa where Lord Byron wrote some of his best poetry. Here, guests will have the opportunity to wine and dine with the countess of Villa Ca’Zen herself!  In addition, you can visit Villa Widmann Borletti, where you can enjoy some wine tasting…

Villa Ca’Zen

4. Ferrara

This delightful Renaissance city has many attractions and is a worthwhile place to alight from the vessel for a few hours if you get the chance. You can see Estense Castle with its moat and drawbridges and visit Schifanoia Palace to see its impressive frescoes dating back to the 15th century.

Ferrara Bridge - Bianco Canal

5. Mantua

Mantua was home to artists Donatello and Mantegna, as well as the poet Virgil – making it another of our top 5 places to visit aboard La Bella Vita. It is in a stunning lakeside setting, with buildings displaying both Baroque and Neo-classical architecture. You can visit the Ducal Palace and explore its many courtyards and gardens, as well as enjoy the many paintings and sculptures inside.

Luxury hotel barge, La Bella Vita cruising Mantua

Discover Italy's Waterways

Luxury hotel barge cruises are the perfect way to discover this wonderfully historical and culturally blessed country. The route between Venice to Mantua is incredibly beautiful, and travelling by boat is the perfect way to experience the very best of the landscape, with a host of interesting places to stop off.

Travel from Venice to Mantua (or vice versa!) and experience our top 5 places to visit aboard La Bella Vita. Highlights include visits to all the beautiful towns mentioned above, plus gourmet meals served by an onboard chef, daily private excursions, spacious en-suite cabins and so much more! Speak to a member of our Cruise Teams via our Contact Form for more information, or order your free copy of our brochure by clicking here >

Mantua - River Cruises in Italy

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