Video: Italian River Cruises

Italian river cruises aboard La Bella Vita on the Venetian Lagoon, River Po and Canal Bianco between Venice and the lakeside Renaissance city of Mantua are truly magical experiences. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy diverse landscapes and nature en route, from colourful lagoon islands to wild beach dunes and pine woods full of birdlife.

The itineraries on our unforgettable Italian river cruises include fascinating guided tours of Ferrara, Mantua and Chioggia which give a real insight into the many cultures – Renaissance, Roman, Etruscan, Byzantine – that have influenced this region of Italy for centuries. If you’re a history buff or culture lover, we cannot recommend these barge experiences enough!

On board our luxury vessels, you’ll enjoy fine dining, comfortable accommodation and great company from both our attentive crew and your fellow passengers. There really is no better way to relax and serenely cruise along Italy’s stunning waterways, all the while tasting local fare and discovering the heritage of the regions around you.

Italian river cruises with European Waterways are designed with your relaxation and pleasure as the ultimate goal. Every excursion and adventure is meticulously organised, but you will also have plenty of freedom when it comes to exploring each region. During the evenings, you will be served a variety of fine wines along with a number of delicious Italian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Arrange Italian river cruises with European Waterways and you can rest assured you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime – prepare for all the best elements of an Italy holiday to be rolled into one! Whether you’re a wine and food lover, a nature enthusiast or a culture aficionado, you will be in your element on our luxury barge cruise holidays.

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