Looking for a Caledonian Canal Cruise? Scotland is Full of Potential!

If you’re thinking about a hotel barge cruise, the Scottish Highlands might perhaps not immediately spring to mind as the most popular destination. However, in fact, a Caledonian Canal cruise along the Great Glen on Loch Ness is one of life’s great not-to-be-missed experiences…

Caledonian Canal Cruises - Spirit of Scotland

The Spectacular Scenery

Scotland is famous throughout the world for its breathtaking scenery. Often called ‘Western Europe’s last true wilderness’, the highlands of the country offer the chance to see nature at its best. With stunning lochs, hills, mountains and glens, the country offers the chance to experience nature as it should be – entirely unspoiled. It’s also not just a question of those admittedly impressive vistas; the air is crystal clear and you’ll see plenty of wildlife roaming free, including those famous deer.

This is still a land where it’s possible to travel for extended distances and see not a single dwelling or another person. It really is getting away from it all in the very best possible way, and relaxation is guaranteed.

Scotland in the autumn months

Towns and History

Of course, in terms of a Caledonian Canal cruise, The Scottish Highlands isn’t just about open spaces. When you’re cruising on Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal, you’ll get the chance to visit some charming towns – such as Fort William and Fort Augustus – and experience the epic beauty of ancient sites such as Urquhart Castle. You can also visit the enigmatic and haunting battlefield of Culloden, where Bonnie Prince Charlie made his final and doomed stand against government forces in what became the last major battle on British soil.

This is a land of ancient Pictish and Celtic legend. Scottish Gaelic is still widely spoken in these areas and the local people are immensely proud of their local history and culture. In any discussion of the country’s attractions for a Caledonian Canal cruise, Scotland’s most famous product, whisky, can’t be omitted. This is one of the main Scottish areas of production and visiting the Tomatin Distillery is an experience not to be missed. It’s not only a fascinating insight into the processes but also the chance to get a ‘wee dram’.

Caledonian Canal Cruise - Urquhart Castle

The Ultimate in Comfort

The barges used for these cruises are equipped to the highest standards of luxury.

You’ll stay in excellent rooms or suites, and you can also be sure of superb dining on board, with a menu heavily based upon the world-renowned fresh local ingredients – such as salmon, venison and lamb. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, typically there will also be a good selection of single malts on offer too!

Caledonian Canal Cruise - Spirit of Scotland cabin

Is it for You?

As any Scot will tell you, nobody visits this country to get a suntan. Also, the Highlands have a very tranquil culture where a night out might consist of a few drinks in a local pub or perhaps the odd Ceilidh with local music. So, if you like roasting by the pool all day and a riotous nightlife then this type of holiday might not suit you.

If you like the vast, untamed outdoors but would prefer to explore it from the lap of luxury, taking a Caledonian Canal cruise though will be ideal. This is such a beautiful country and, incredibly, one that’s still comparatively little known by many people south of the border. However, that’s helped to preserve its peaceful ambience, even at the height of the holiday season.

Caledonian Canal Cruise - Scottish Highlander

Our Caledonian Canal Cruises

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