Exploring Urquhart Castle - A Scottish Highland Gem

There are few places where the scenery is quite as evocative as the landscape you’ll be passing through on a cruise aboard Scottish Highlander or Spirit of Scotland, and we’d be remiss not to mention the magical Urquhart Castle. 

Highlander Barge cruises past Urquhart Castle -barge cruise europe

The Castle and its Famous Neighbour

Scotland is littered with romantic castles and ruined monuments but few are as haunting as Urquhart Castle. The building itself is now largely a ruin, but its location on the banks of Loch Ness is simply stunning.  Sweeping views out across the inky-blue depths of this famous lake can be totally absorbing. The castle’s history is long and turbulent, suffice it to say that you’ll walk among ancient stones that have played host to seminal events throughout Scottish and British history.

It’s also not a bad vantage point from which to seek out Nessie herself, and you’d be a rare individual if you didn’t look into the distance at least once and think for one moment “what if…

Urquhart Bay Woods

Urquhart Bay Woods are famous because they’re one of the last natural wet woodlands left in the UK and in fact Western Europe.

It’s hard to believe that prior to the industrial revolution much of Scotland would once have been like this.  They are dense woodlands filled with magnificent trees (including alders) and a stunning variety of wild flowers and plants to enjoy – some of which are native solely to this area of Scotland. Wildlife here is also abundant; keep your eyes open and you might see a rare red squirrel scurrying across the forest floor, or red kites soaring majestically overhead. It’s also worth looking out for goosander ducks, dipper birds, herons and wagtails which are often spotted on the shores of this great Loch.

This though is what a Classic Scotland Cruise is all about. Absolute calm, open air and nature – plus of course that convivial ‘wee dram’ to keep you warm from those bracing highland winds!

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