Italian Cruises: What to Do in Venice

Ahh, Venice… Even just the name is enough to have you feeling like you’re floating on air. And speaking of floating, the best (and perhaps most unique) way to experience this breath-taking city is by floating down the Giudecca Canal on one of our Italian cruises.

The San Marco District

Venice is comprised of six central districts known as sestieri: Cannaregio, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce and the two we will be discussing today, San Marco and Castello. We offer luxury experiences exploring these two areas of the city, whether you want to see the typical tourist attractions or wish to get to know the lesser-known Venetian quarters.

When you’re thinking of Venice, chances are good that what first comes to mind is its most popular and most touristy area, San Marco. It’s always bustling and filled with life, from throngs of travellers and boisterous buskers to shopping lanes bulging with designer stores and a high selection of quality restaurants. Some of the most notable attractions in the city can be found here, such as Piazza San Marco (Italy’s most dramatic and recognisable piazza), La Fenice (the renowned opera house) and the Bridge of Sighs (a small bridge named after the sighs of despair coming from the prisoners who were led over it to the city prison).

Recommended for… Those who wish to take the road most travelled and marvel at the city’s must-sees.

The Castello District

Castello is one of the most varied districts in Venice. The western part is firmly rooted in the busy tourist area of the city, while the eastern end is much quieter, more authentic and home to residential areas filled with locals going about their daily lives. Our Classic Cruise through Italy aboard La Bella Vita includes a guided walking tour of this area, allowing you to get a good look at the hidden gems found here. Some of the attractions our tour includes are the Venetian Ships Pavilion (part of the Naval History Museum), the gardens of the Biennale Exhibition of Modern Arts and Palladio’s Church of San Pietro.

Recommended for… Those looking to get off the beaten track and experience a slice of realistic Venetian life.

 From authentic Castello to classic San Marco, Venice has so much to offer – why not join us on one of our Italian cruises and see for yourself?

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