Meet Shannon Princess Chef, Olivia Gibbons

Husband and wife duo, Ruairi and Olivia Gibbons own and manage luxury hotel barge, Shannon Princess in Ireland. Whilst Ruairi Captains, Ballymaloe-trained Olivia is in charge of the galley. Read on to find out about Olivia’s journey to becoming the Shannon Princess’ gourmet chef…

What is your favourite dish to make on board?

My Barge-Made Country Butter recipe. It’s packed with flavour and a back to basics charm.

What's the inspiration behind it?

My love of pure foods and quality ingredients

Which destinations have inspired you?

The area our barge travels through is a huge destination inspiration: lush flood planes providing organic and pure ingredients.

What is your favourite food city?

Oh, Galway – definitely! Native oysters, prawns, from the bay…  Seaweed and sea vegetables from the shore… Artisan butchers, hidden distilleries and food craft pros trading in its higgledy-piggledy breezy lanes… Cheeses from the islands in the bay, and meats and charcuterie from animals grazed on small holdings. Perfection.

Who do you consider to be your culinary heroes?

Any person who takes the time to cook with love for themselves, their family or friends is a food hero to me.

Name 3 ingredients you cannot live without

  1. Good Butter
  2. My Wild yeast starter
  3. Blackcurrants.

Next big foodie trend?

Flavour, quality and a less is more ethos.

Describe life as a barge chef in 3 words

Cook, Eat, Repeat!

Meet Olivia, Ruairi and the Crew aboard Shannon Princess

Meet Olivia on our stunning Ireland cruises on the River Shannon aboard Shannon Princess.  Talk to our cruise specialists today for help in planning your dream Ireland escape, or request your free copy of our brochure by clicking here.

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