Facts and Phrases for Lovers of French Cheese

Fromage is as much a staple of the French dinner table as bread and wine. With over 700 different varieties produced in the country today, France is the ideal destination for turophiles – otherwise known as ‘lovers of cheese’. Read on for more of our French cheese facts and phrases.

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Guests aboard our French barge cruises are treated to regular degustations by the knowledgeable onboard chef, who will describe the tasting notes of each variety, plus and french cheese facts, before recommending the perfect wine pairing to make the flavours sing.

Terms for Turophiles

If you want to keep up with the connoisseurs on your barge cruise, drop a few of the following french cheese facts into your after-dinner conversation.

  • Fermier cheeses are those that have been produced on a farm or chalet.
  • If a variety is described as monastery type, it was once or continues to be produced in the monasteries of France.
  • Fromage de chèvres is made from goats’ milk.
  • Fromage de brebis is made from ewes’ milk.

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The Perfect Platter

Any guest aboard one of our French hotel barges will be treated to carefully-curated cheese boards that represent the region you are visiting. If you want to emulate the perfect platter, while showing off your French cheese facts when you go home, keep the following pointers in mind.

A balanced platter will consist of at least three varieties, offering a variety of textures and flavours. Each should have its own knife.

  • Rectangular or cylindrical cheeses, such as Fourme d’Ambert, should be served sliced.
  • Wheel-shaped cheeses, such as Camembert, and their square-shaped cousins, such as Pont-l’Évêque, should be cut into wedges.
  • Surface-ripened soft cheeses, such as Brie, will ideally be sliced into tapered wedges, while blue-veined varieties should be cut on the bias.
  • Small goat cheeses ought to be sliced in half, offering guests the choice between two half-moons of creamy deliciousness.

Still haven't Had Your Fill?

Take a look at our previous blog post on our favourite French flavours for your after-dinner platter or take a look at an example of one of our lauded culinary cruises .

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