Our very own Chef Arnis from La Belle Epoque, shares three of his signature recipes including his popular Beef Bourguignon

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A delicious Risotto of Radicchio & Bastardo del Grappa Cheese

A wonderfully delectable dessert from the very capable hands on Chef Andrea - and a family recipe to boot!

A quick & easy, salty, sweet Italian treat! Delicious stuff as always, from our go to Italian Chef Andrea

Courtesy of our HR & Accounts Manager Isabelle, we have a delightful French Festive Dessert Recipe for you, to have survived for three generations it must be good!

An innovative Venetian treat of grilled octopus, roasted pumpkin and artichoke.

Mark's Mince Pies - A classic Christmas stalwart with a delicious modern twist!

Tor those of you, who are celebrating this Thursday, allow us to help you out a little in the kitchen with a delicious Sausage Stuffing recipe, courtesy of our very...

April 23 is St George’s Day, celebrating England’s Patron Saint and renowned dragon-slayer. It is an ideal occasion on which to bake that most quintessentially English cake, the Victoria Sponge,...

This time of year is when many vegetables are harvested at their best having benefitted from the summer warmth. A great seasonal dish is Ratatouille Nicoise, a popular dish with...

This beautiful baked camembert with a Port and Red Currant Sauce recipe is a clear champion when it comes to dinner parties.

Beef bourguignon is a well-known, traditional French recipe. It is a stew prepared with beef braised in red wine, traditionally red Burgundy, and beef broth, generally flavoured with garlic, onions...

Here’s a recipe for a delicious dessert – Tipsy Laird – a Scottish version of the classic sherry trifle which is often served on special occasions like Christmas or New...

If there is one dish that is immediately identified as being Scottish, it is haggis. Contrary to an old yarn, haggis is not a wild animal indigenous to Scotland.

Feast your eyes on this chocolate Guinness cake recipe recommended by the master chef aboard hotel barge Shannon Princess.

The town of Bresse in Burgundy claims to produce some of the world’s best poultry, free-range birds that are fed on creamy milk and wheat.

Skin the tomatoes by pouring boiling water over them, then leave for one minute before draining them and slipping off the skins.

Christmas is fast approaching, so here is a different recipe for turkey stuffing from one of our barge chefs using some fine ingredients from various regions of France.

Here is a recipe for Cullen Skink, a very tasty soup which is also often served on Burns’ Night. This soup has its roots in Cullen, a small town on...

Here we look at Roquefort, a wonderful blue sheep’s milk cheese, produced in southern France. It is served most often on our hotel barges on the Canal du Midi.