Artsy Barge Holidays in France: A Celebration of Renoir

For those who believe that science is a valuable necessity but that it is art that truly makes life worth living, we have some wonderful news for you. We feature barge holidays in France on boats inspired by famous painters – one of whom is Pierre-Auguste Renoir – as well as a cruise perfect for those who enjoy creating their own masterpieces as much as they love admiring others’.

Watching a local painter on a Canal du Midi Barge Holidays in France

Renoir - A Little History

Renoir was born in Limoges, France, in 1841. From an early age he showed a talent for drawing, which later developed into a passion he would pursue. In 1862, he found himself with a strong desire to devote himself to his art and studied at the feet of Charles Gleyre and it was during this time he met Claude Monet.

He became interested in a style that would eventually become known as impressionism. Although it was not widely accepted during his lifetime, as the years progressed his popularity continually increased. In the 1880s, he went through what is considered his ‘dry period’, in which he grew briefly disillusioned with impressionism and began to drift more towards a classical style. The paintings he produced during this time are generally considered his least successful works.

By the time 1890 had rolled around, he had found his way out of his slump and began producing paintings that were well-received. The artist died of pneumonia in 1919.

See Renoir's Art on Barge Holidays in France

Our Artsy Barge Holidays in France

Anyone with an interest in Renoir should join us for a cruise on L’Impressionniste, a vessel with a title inspired by the impressionist movement in which he was so deeply immersed – there’s even a cabin named after the artist himself. However, if you’re more interested in creating your own art than you are in its history, we offer a cruise perfectly suited for painters that floats down the Canal Midi, passing through landscapes that have inspired French artists for years. This allows modern day creatives the chance to be inspired and create their own masterpieces while surrounded by the serene beauty of this magnificent country.

It’s just over 100 years since Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s death. Our barge holidays in France are a lovely way to keep his memory alive, whether you want to commemorate the painter by boarding a boat inspired by him, or embarking on an art cruise to create as you explore his beautiful homeland.

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