European Waterways Virtual Tours: The Palace of Fontainebleau

In our fourth instalment of Virtual Tours, join us as we visit the majestic Palace of Fontainebleau. Set deep within the ancient forest and with an unbroken chain of 34 Kings and 2 Emperors, it stands as France’s oldest Royal Residence and, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful. From Louis VII to Napoleon III, Fontainebleau has witnessed more than 800 years of history and continues to play a major role in the reception of foreign officials and dignitaries today.

Founded in the 13th century by Saint Louis on the site of Louis VII’s former hunting lodge, the Palace of Fontainebleau is perhaps best known for its association with Kings François I, Henry II and Henry IV, who helped to transform the château into the Renaissance jewel we have today. Join us as we uncover Fontainebleau’s true identity as we delve deep into its major rooms, including the Gallery of François I, Henry II’s ballroom and Napoleon Bonaparte’s private apartments.

Chapter Markers:

00:00 Intro
00:52 Welcome
01:40 History of the Château
10:36 The Plate Gallery
11:13 Horseshoe Vestibule
11:45 Francis I Gallery
13:46 Guard’s Room
14:26 Ballroom
15:05 Chapel of Saint-Saturnin
15:29 Louis XIII Salon
16:09 Francis I Salon/Tapestry Room
16:36 Queen’s Antechamber
16:52 Diane’s Gallery
18:06 Empress’ Grand Salon
19:08 The Queen’s Bedchamber
19:47 Marie Antoinette’s Boudoir
20:26 Napoleon’s Throne Room
21:14 Napoleon’s Council Chamber
21:59 Napoleon’s Bedchamber
22:37 Napoleon’s Study/Daybed
23:06 Abdication Room
23:32 Outro

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