Video: Château de Rosa Bonheur - The “Time Capsule” Studio Home of 19th century Artist Rosa Bonheur

Brand-new to our Renaissance itinerary is a visit to Château de Rosa Bonheur – The home of Rosa Bonheur. On this truly fascinating tour, guests will have the opportunity to discover her studio that remains completely untouched since her death in 1899.

Rosa Bonheur was the most celebrated female artist of the 19th Century, a pioneer in a man’s world and a champion of women’s rights. Her best-known paintings are of animal scenes including one of Buffalo Bill on horseback which prompted an enduring friendship between the two. We take lunch in the private salon of the chateau before joining the present owner for a tour and to hear more about the history of this remarkable lady and view some of her works.

Since her death on the 25th May, 1899, time appears to have stood still in the studio within the home of Rosa Bonheur. Visitors will get not only witness her painting style with both complete and unfinished works, but they’ll also have the opportunity to see her unusual fashion choices for women of her time. Her embroidered blouse, her hat, and her boots share a space with her sketchbooks and notes – and even her cigarette butts! These archives offer a raw, uninterrupted outlook on her life in an unprecedented way.

Guests aboard luxury hotel barge, Renaissance, will have the opportunity to visit the home of Rosa Bonheur as part of their week-long Classic Cruise through the Loire Valley.

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