Video: French Gourmet with Justine Schofield | Cruising in Burgundy aboard Hotel Barge La Belle Epoque

During her recent exploration of French cuisine for her new series French Gourmet, Australian chef and television personality Justine Schofield embarked on a journey through Burgundy to uncover the secrets behind the region’s exceptional food and wine.

Sailing along the Burgundy Canal aboard the luxurious La Belle Epoque, a 12-passenger hotel barge operated by European Waterways, Justine immersed herself in the local culture by indulging in the finest wines, cheeses, and traditional dishes that Burgundy has to offer. She also explored the rich history and stunning architecture of the region, including its impressive châteaux and medieval towns.

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the delectable delights that Justine discovered during her gourmet adventure in Burgundy…

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La Belle Epoque

Justine Schofield’s French Gourmet was filmed in part on the hotel barge La Belle Epoque. Originally used to transport logs from Belgium to Paris, La Belle Epoque has been transformed into a luxurious 12-passenger barge for guests to enjoy a scenic cruise along the Burgundy Canal. The Classic Cruise itinerary offers similar highlights to Justine’s culinary journey, with the option for tailor-made experiences on private whole-barge charters.

Today, La Belle Epoque is manned by a dedicated crew of six who ensure guests have an authentic Burgundian experience. From delicious regional dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients to exclusive excursions led by the onboard guide, guests are treated to a memorable voyage. The hosts on board strive to make guests feel at home by catering to their preferences and ensuring their cabins are fully equipped.

The barge features a spacious saloon with wood paneling, a sundeck with a dining table and spa pool, perfect for relaxing while enjoying the beautiful countryside. Guests can also explore the area on bicycles provided by the barge, with dedicated bike maps highlighting scenic routes along the towpath or further afield.

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