Video: Tour of the privately-owned Château de La Bussière, including a cooking demonstration using seasonal produce from the gardens

During our cruise aboard hotel barge Renaissance we visit the privately-owned Château de La Bussière, known as the ‘Fishermen’s Castle’, with its wonderful ornamental and vegetable gardens, where we enjoy a cooking demonstration with the barge chef using seasonal produce from the gardens.

The ‘Fisherman’s Castle’

So called due to its huge array of fishing-related works of art and artefacts, the collection has been open to the public since 1962. The prize exhibit is the striking “coelacanth”, the preserved remains of a prehistoric bottom-dwelling fish. Originally built as a defensive fortress in the twelfth century, the château was transformed into a private home some 500 years later and today is still owned by the descendants of the noble Chasseval family.

Beautiful – Inside and Out

The interiors of the castle are immaculately restored, and you can stroll through the rooms and see them just as they were used for many centuries. Some of the rooms open to visitors are the kitchens, the linen room, the sitting room, the office and the impressive, vaulted library – all with the authentic furnishings and accoutrements of daily life in place.

The castle is surrounded by water, with a narrow stone bridge its only accessible point, but the surrounding impeccably maintained gardens will surely be one of the true highlights of your visit. You can stroll around the “commons” and explore the plantings of the orangery, walk through the stables, take in the abundant vegetable gardens and meander around the tranquil lake. There’s even a giant maze and old wooden games for those who want to pit their mental skills against the past.

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