Are These the World's Best Champagne Houses?

France is world famous for its sparkling wine, and our Champagne cruises include the chance to experience the bubbly stuff at its source. We happen to think that the family owned Henriot and centuries old Moët & Chandon are up there with world’s best Champagne houses, read on to find out why. 

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Henriot Champagne House

Founded in 1808, Henriot has been family-owned since it was first created over 200 years ago. It’s one of the few champagne houses to be able to say this, and that is something to be celebrated.

The Henriot family are natives of Lorraine but later moved to Champagne in the mid-seventeenth century. Through his marriage to Apolline Godinot, Nicolas Henriot met her uncle Chanoine Jean Godinot, who had a passion for improving the production of wine and champagne. Nicolas and Chanoine worked together, each harbouring a fascination for harnessing the culture of the vine to enhance the quality of wine production. After the death of Nicolas, his widow began the champagne house we know today as Henriot.

In our opinion, Henriot is one of the world’s best champagne houses due to its distinctive product, which draws on a complex and refined process that places quality at the forefront of everything. To ensure that the final product reaches its full potential, Henriot champagnes are aged for double the amount of time legally required. The result is a taste which is elegant, rich and complex – you won’t be disappointed!

World's Best Champagne Houses -The Champagne Henriot Cellars - One of the top things to do in Champagne

Moët & Chandon Champagne House

Regularly lauded as one of the world’s best Champagne houses Moët & Chandon was born back in 1743, with wine trader Claude Möet at the forefront of its inception. His grandson, however, was the man to ignite the brand that we know and love today. Jean-Remy Möet transformed this champagne house into a world-famous luxury brand, driven by his international knowledge and burning ambition.

With vineyards stretching out across a staggering 2,500 acres, their product comes from land which has been given the classification of ‘Grand Cru’ for the quality of its grapes. Their range of champagnes includes Imperial, Rose Imperial, Nectar Imperial and Grand Vintage.

The light and delicious Imperial is perhaps their most recognisable product; it displays a pale colour and offers slight hints of vanilla and grapefruit flavours. Rose Imperial is ideal for fans of pink champagne, with each sip a delightful strawberry and redcurrant. Nectar Imperial is the fruitiest of the bunch, with flavours including melon, clementine and white berries. Grand Vintage celebrates everything green, including hints of apple.

Our Classic Champagne Cruise just wouldn’t be the same without a chance to sample some of the country’s finest champagne brands. Henriot and Moët & Chandon both offer their own distinctive take on the fizz, so why not come aboard and try both?

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