The Charm of Chioggia: Culture, Nature and More

Our Italian river cruises open up a different and completely charming way of exploring this much-loved country, and the town of Chioggia is just one of the many delights of our cruise through the ‘Bel Paese’

Explore the Museums, Churches and Traditions

One of the most appealing aspects is Chioggia’s authenticity and unspoilt local culture. Throughout its streets and network of lovely canals (which we explore on a traditional vessel), it has all the history, art and traditions of Venice without the throngs of people. It is renowned for its lace making and there are numerous not-to-be-missed landmarks, such as the Clock Tower Museum (which is home to the world’s oldest clock), the Church of San Domenico (which sits on its own island), the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and of course, Santa Maria’s Gate, guarded by a magnificent Venetian Lion bas relief.

Discover the Tegnue or Relax on the Beach

The tegnue is a protected area of Chioggia’s Venetian lagoon, which has a tropical seabed and is home to an abundance of coral, marine life and natural reefs – incredibly, formed by coralline algae. While there are strict regulations in place regarding diving and fishing, it forms a truly fascinating eco-system in this unique location.

Chioggia has some stunning beaches upon which you can catch some sun or simply stroll along and enjoy the views over the Adriatic. The main one, Sottomarina, lays out ten glorious kilometres of fine, dark sand beneath your feet. The high mineral content of the sand is said to provide a range of health benefits, so take off your shoes and dig your toes in deep…

Visit the Fish Markets

As with any town, markets offer a marvellous insight into local life, and in Chioggia this is perfectly depicted at the fish markets. The town’s very history is built on the traditional fishing industry and it is one of the oldest ports in the country. The wholesale market (Mercato Itico) is where the real action happens, as the boats pull up alongside the 11,000 sqm space and unload their catch of the day, to be weighed and snapped up by local restaurateurs or sent for processing and storage. Pescheria, the colourful retail fish market, is a buzzing hive of activity in the early morning but is closed in the afternoon.

European Waterways’ Italian river cruises introduce guests to a truly relaxed mode of travel, visiting a host of wonderful destinations along the way – including some, like Chioggia, that you might never have known existed. Come aboard!

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