Why take a trip to France?

France, a staple holiday destination, the excitement of Paris, the gastronomy of Burgundy, the glamour and warmth of the south, it is arguably one of the most diverse vacation spots on the planet. So why take a trip to France?    

Food & Wine

Where to begin? 8 out of 10 of the world’s most expensive wines are French. They gave the world Champagne, fine dining & pastry so light and buttery that we’re worried it might float away! For many, a trip to France is less of a holiday, and more of a gastronomic pilgrimage.

This variety of taste is indeed exemplified by the culinary routine of a luxury hotel barge cruise. In the morning guests may choose to accompany the chef to the local market and boulangerie where he or she will purchase fresh pastries for breakfast and other organic ingredients for lunch and the evening meal. After a delicious breakfast on deck, there may be a wine tasting at a local winery, sampling some of the best Chablis or Champagne around. Lunch is a slightly lighter affair, though it being France, it is of course, accompanied by wine and a cheese course. And the evening meal? Candlelight and regional specialities such as boeuf bourguignon and Magret de canard accompanied by a beautifully layered grand or premier cru.

Trip to France - Fine Dining


Throw a rock in the Loire Valley and you’d likely as not hit a stunning chateau. History abounds across France, whatever the region. Archaic Roman arenas still stand across much of the Canal du Midi, in Burgundy, we visit a vineyard that has been in operation since the 12th century, and Alsace is home to one of the prettiest gothic cathedrals in the world. There are numerous WWI and WWII memorials across the country, as well as many royal & papal residences, not to mention that some of the best art in the world, hailed from, and is displayed in French museums. We’re yet to cover the canals, and their historical places of interest, such as the oldest canal tunnel in existence or the Briare Aqueduct on the Canal de Briare, a magnificent piece of engineering by the man that gave us the Eiffel Tower. If you’re not interested in History when you arrive you definitely will be once you leave!

Trip to France - Clos de Vougeot


Whatever your preferred backdrop, France will likely provide. Sweeping beaches, green forested valleys, medieval walled towns & citadels, postcard perfect countryside, a trip to France has it all. If you want to spend your time amongst the fairy-tale chateau of the kings of yesteryear then head to the Loire Valley. If it’s sunshine and nature you’re after then the Canal du Midi provides the perfect place to watch wild horses and pink flamingos as you top up your tan on deck. Want an intriguing blend of French and German culture? Then it has to be Alsace & Lorraine!


And the best way to see these regions? On their beautiful winding waterways aboard a Hotel Barge of course! Click the button below to order your brochure today or watch the video to see what our guests thought.

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