Tour and Taste the Tantalising Produce of the Château de Perdiguier

If you’re seeking a glimpse of the history and viticulture of the Languedoc region, look no further than the Château de Perdiguier. 

As you cruise the peaceful inland waterways of France, you will glimpse a number of impressive chateaux from the deck of your hotel barge. Guests aboard Anjodi get the chance to explore a particularly special country pile while cruising the Canal du Midi: the Château de Perdiguier.


Always at the Heart of Local History

Set within a gorgeous 700-hectare estate, the Château de Perdiguier is known as both a grand seat since the medieval period and a thriving modern producer of Languedoc wine. Guests can still spot the original thirteenth-century architecture in certain places, – for example, the north wing – which hints at the long history of the house. It was built in 1280 and came under royal control within a decade. In 1375 it was given by King Charles V to Jean Perdiguier, the region’s royal treasurer – the earliest record of vineyards on the site dates back to this time.

Although gifted a beautiful estate, Perdiguier was not destined to enjoy the house and its grounds, as he was killed in the Montpellier Rebellion just four years after he became its master. The château was passed down the female line until 1793, a period during which the building was extensively restructured and reimagined. Today, visitors see the central courtyard, round towers, irregularly spaced mullion windows and steep tiled roofs that were added at this time.

An Abundant Estate

The château is not only famous for its long history and romantic facade; it is a working estate that produces cereals, fruit, honey and wine. It nurtures eight varieties of grape in its small but hardworking vineyard, famously including the cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes that are blended to produce its delicious En Auger wines.  A tour around the château will give you a glimpse of the amazing vaulted cellars where the wines are aged to perfection, while a private tasting with a master sommelier will give you a taste of its stellar produce.

If your appetite has been whetted by the idea of a visit to the Château de Perdiguier, get in touch with one of our sales team to book your hotel barge cruise. There’s no better way to connect with the history and viticulture of the alluring Languedoc region.

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