Tipples to Try on a Barge Cruise through Gascony

What better way to spend a relaxed, romantic holiday than sampling some of the country’s delectable delights aboard a barge cruise? Here are a few of the specialities you should definitely try…

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Authentic Armagnac

This alcoholic beverage is a signature speciality of Gascony. While it does share some similarities with its counterpart cognac, Armagnac is different from because of the way it is produced. 95 percent of the drink is distilled only once, using a specific form of continuous still – the Armagnac alembic. It is then aged in 400-litre oak barrels and stored in cellars. It can even be matured for up to 50 years, before being packaged in glass bottles.

It is usually produced by smaller family businesses rather than large global conglomerates which makes it a true delicacy that is ideally savoured in its place of origin. The best way to do this is via one of the area’s hotel barge cruises aboard the 8 passenger Rosa.

Armagnac aboard a barge cruise

Wine from Château Bellevue la Forêt

While in Gascony, you shouldn’t miss visiting the famous vineyard Château Bellevue la Forêt. For wine lovers, this gorgeous estate is akin to a sprawling paradise of vine and vino. Spread out over 270 acres, it’s the largest single privately-owned wine estate in the southwest of France and the wines produced here have won several accolades and awards worldwide.

Some of the must-trys include the Classic Red and the Mavro red wine, while La Forêt Rosé is a Rosé that is lauded for the freshness and vivacity of its flavour. Among their range of acclaimed whites, the Petit Manseng and the Viognier – Roussanne are absolute favourites. This wine tasting is a wonderfully informative way to get to know a little bit more about the wine making process in an impossibly romantic surrounding!

Why visit by Hotel Barge?

Let us make the arrangements! Book yourself onto a luxury hotel barge cruise and the food, wine and excursions are taken care of. Just sit back on deck and relax with a drink in hand while we transport you to wonderful places of interest, such as the delightful Château de Duras or the historical Château de Goudourville. Each evening is a three or four course culinary journey that showcases the best of the regional specialities, and after your meal you are more than welcome to a digestif and a dip in the hot tub beneath the stars…

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