Taste Möet on One of Our Barge Holidays in France

If you love barge holidays in France, chances are you love sampling a tipple or two as you float down a river – after all, the country is known for its extensive selection of high-quality wines. However, perhaps the best vino to try is that of the sparkling variety: champagne. Two of our favourite boats in the aptly-named Champagne region, the Panache and La Nouvelle Etoile, will introduce you to Moët & Chandon, a well-known fine winery that specialises in – you guessed it – champagne.

Moet & Chandon bottle

Champagne-Soaked Barge Holidays in France

Moët & Chandon, often referred to as just Moët, is one of the top producers of bubbly in the world. It was founded in 1743 by Claude Moët and originally served mainly aristocrats and other nobles, as the drink was popular among the upper crust. One of his most loyal customers was Madame de Pompadour, the powerful and influential favourite mistress of Louis XV.

Following Claude’s death, the business was passed down to his grandson, Jean-Rémy, who helped bring the drink to international fame. He was close friends with Napoleon Bonaparte and introduced the sparkling wine to him; the emperor loved it so much he drank it regularly and even awarded Jean-Rémy a medal of honour.

Over the years, Möet has become synonymous with triumph and has been used to celebrate everything from royal weddings to the Oscars. In fact, the tradition of ceremoniously spraying champagne in times of joy and success can be accredited to the brand: in 1967, after Dan Gurney won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, he did this for the first time using one of their bottles of bubbly.

To this day, the sparkling vino is widely seen as the most luxurious around. We think the best way to sample it is amidst its lush green vineyards on one of our barge holidays in France. We visit the underground cellars and taste some of the brand’s most renowned vintages – and all of this is hosted by an experienced cellar master with depths of winemaking knowledge.

If you are considering booking onto one of our barge holidays in France or would like more information on any of our other luxury river cruises around Europe, please get in touch with our dedicated and expert team. We’re here to help you handcraft the relaxed getaway of your dreams.

Champagne History - Moet & Chandon

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