Meet Anjodi Chef, Dave Lawrence

Tasmanian-born master chef, Dave Lawrence, has travelled the world in search of new flavours. Having previously worked aboard L’Art de Vivre and the Spirit of Scotland, he’s now the master chef aboard our Canal du Midi luxury hotel barge, Anjodi

European Waterways' master chefs prepare world-class cuisine. Meet Chef Dave from lxury hotel barge Anjodi

What is your favourite dish to make onboard?

Without a doubt, Cullen Skink! I had this dish on my menu every week of the season and it was always a crowd-pleaser, especially on cold days up in the Scottish Highlands! Who doesn’t love a good chowder…

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What’s the inspiration behind it?

It is a traditional Scottish dish, showcasing their wonderful Smoked Haddock. The only way my recipe differs from the traditional is that I like to bake the potatoes whole, which adds another dimension to the chowder, also the addition of white wine and garlic, and using olive oil instead of butter, gives a bit of a lighter, acidic background to the rich infused cream and the smokey Haddock.

Which destinations have inspired your cooking?

Asian countries have always been an inspiration for me, I have lived in Japan and travelled through Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. I use a lot of Asian techniques and ingredients in my cooking.

Korean cuisine has inspired Anjodi chef, Dave Lawrence in his cooking styles

Who do you consider to be your culinary hero?

Anthony Bourdain, but not really for his cooking style! He is more old-school, French and Italian-American which is not really my style. But I really like his philosophies about food and eating it, travelling and working as a chef.

Who would you compare your cooking style with?

Roy Choi I think, he creates delicious, amazing food that has no pretension. Using fine dining techniques and attitude and taking it to a level that is a lot more casual is something that really resonates with me. And he rarely measures anything which I like…

What is your favourite food city?

I have to say Hobart, Australia, because it is my hometown. There is so much amazing produce there and a really relaxed attitude in the restaurant scene, with a focus on that great produce. But I recently had an awakening in San Sebastian, which I could very happily make my hometown-away-from-home!

Hobart, Tasmania is Anjodi Chef Dave Lawrence's hometown.

Name 3 ingredients you cannot live without

  1. Fish sauce
  2. Soy sauce
  3. Vinegar (sherry if I have to choose, or malt.)

Next big foodie trend?

In the current climate, anything you can grow at home! I have seen a lot of people getting into making sourdough lately which is great. For the restaurant industry, at the moment it is all about adapting their menus to cater for takeaway. If it wasn’t for coronavirus, XO sauce would have been the next big thing!

Describe life as a barge chef in 3 words

  1. Unique
  2. Intimate
  3. Fun.

Luxury barge cruise Anjodi on the Canal du Midi

Enjoy a foodie adventure aboard Anjodi with Chef Dave

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