The Joys of Longer Barge Cruises in Europe

When it comes to choosing the perfect holiday, many people enjoy going on barge cruises. Europe is a great choice for such holidays, and this is partly due to the sheer variety of waterways to choose from all over the continent. Although many people go on standard-length European cruises and have a wonderful experience, some people like to extend their voyage and spend even longer discovering the waterways of the continent…

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Length of Cruises

Our Classic Cruises are six nights-long, and this is plenty of time to explore an area of a country via its waterways to see plenty of beautiful surroundings and fascinating attractions. However, you may be able to go on a longer cruise if you want to.

Longer cruises could last up to two weeks, or even longer in some cases. For example, you may be able to find a cruise that lasts up to six weeks!

Luxury hotel barge, Panache cruising Alsace

Travel Greater Distances

Most standard cruises of a week or so in length will allow you to explore a single area like Burgundy or Champagne in France, the beautiful waterways of Holland, or the Highlands of Scotland. However, book a longer cruise and you can (naturally) travel a lot further.

When you decide to go on longer barge cruises, Europe offers a melting pot of charming regions that you may want to explore. For example, you may want to spend the whole time in France, or you may want to discover other destinations like Holland and the Belgium on the same cruise. When you book longer cruises, this kind of combination is often possible. Our 11-night cruise aboard La Nouvelle Etoile from Belgium to Paris (late May) enjoys a number of highlights including a visit to the home and gardens of Claude Monet, a cruise through the beautiful Vermandois Hills of Picardie, the ancient town of Tournay with its famous “Pont des Trous” (Bridge with Holes) used to collect tolls on the rivers in the old times and so much more.

Did you know, TV chef and restauranteur, Rick Stein filmed his French Odyssey series aboard hotel barges Anjodi in the Canal du Midi and Rosa in Gascony and Bordeaux? Travelling from the Atlantic in Bordeaux to the Mediterranean along the Étang de Thau, you too can follow in Rick’s footsteps by chartering your very own cruises.

Cruising the Canal du Midi with Anjodi

Points to Remember

However, there may also be a few points to keep in mind when you book longer barge cruises. Europe, for example, offers many beautiful places that you may want to explore on foot or bike. However, if you want to travel greater distances on your cruise, you may spend more time on the water and less time on excursions. If you would prefer to go walking or cycling as a focus, you may want to book a tour that has an emphasis on these areas instead.

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Customisable Options

On longer cruises you may find that many customisation options are available. For example, you may be able to customise the length of stay in certain areas if you have your heart set on seeing more of one area than another. You should therefore research the different areas you want to explore and then ask your organiser what they recommend.

By extending your cruise you can get even more enjoyment from barge cruises. Europe is an excellent region to start planning such a holiday because there are so many waterways to discover…

La Nouvelle Etoile Cruising in Alsace

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