Keukenhof Gardens turn 70!

A milestone anniversary for one of Europe’s most revered and celebrated of gardens, visit between March & May 2019 to stroll among the tulips of this dutch gem!

Flower Power at Keukenhof

Each year, Keukenhof Gardens chooses a theme on which to base their displays and events, this year, it’s Flower Power.

Keukenhof Gardens connects people from all across the globe who come to indulge in and be inspired by the natural beauty of Holland, which is famous for its bulb fields and wide variety of flowers. Flower Power has that late 60’s, early 70’s vibe of bright colours, hippie fashion, peace & music; expect to see outdoor concerts, new art & sculptures and even whisper boats (electronic vessels that traverse the waterways of Keukenhof).

Tulip Fields - Keukenhof Gardens aboard river cruises in Europe

Your Day at Keukenhof

Aboard a Hotel Barge Cruise through Holland, during the morning guests enjoy a spectacular breakfast before cruising to the historic city of Haarlem; once a major trading port, Haarlem is an exciting maze of cobbled streets and gabled houses at the centre of a major bulb growing district. After lunch on board its off to Keukenhof (The Garden of Europe) to stroll through it’s 100 acres in the midst of some 7 million bulbs! Once you’ve had your fair share of the colours, scents, & sculptures on offer at the gardens it’s back to the Hotel Barge Panache for a cocktail, canapé and wardrobe change…

The day’s itinerary will conclude with a gourmet affair at a Dutch restaurant in historic Haarlem, where you can bask in the beauty of the charming town and discuss the wonders of Keukenhof Gardens well into the night.

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