Enjoy “La Bella Vita” on an Italian Opera Cruise

One of the most lavish barging experiences we offer is our Italian Opera Cruise, which departs from the “City of Canals”, Venice, and travels down the Po Valley to Mantua. Those with a passion for the music and drama of opera are sure to be seduced by its impressive itinerary

Operatic Excursions

There are numerous opportunities to visit some of Italy’s most illustrious – not to mention beautiful – opera houses and theatres throughout the cruise. In Venice you can discover more about the history of this longstanding form of entertainment at the Arena Muse Opera, and see where the premières of great composers such as Verdi and Rossini were performed at the Teatro La Fenice.

In Ferrara you will see the impressive five-tiered auditorium at the Teatro Communale, while in Mantua you will have the opportunity to explore the Teatro Bibiena, an intimate baroque theatre that opened in 1770 with a performance by the 13-year-old Wolfgang Mozart.

Verona Opera

Best Seats in the House

The undoubted jewel in the crown of the cruise in Italy is the chance to watch an acclaimed opera at the Arena di Verona, an astonishingly well-preserved Roman amphitheatre built in the first century AD. This 15,000-seat venue is a magical environment in which to watch the performance – even better, guests on the European Waterways cruise will benefit from enviable seats in the front stalls.

Arena di Verona - River Cruises in Italy

Experiencing Italy

As well as these enviable experiences for opera enthusiasts, the itinerary also offers plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Italian history and culture as you cruise the serene waters of the River Po.

Bird watchers will be thrilled to cruise through the nature reserve of the Po Delta, where flamingos, snipe and herons can be seen from the barge’s sun deck. Ancient history lovers will be fascinated by the Archaeological Museum at Adria, an Etruscan town with a rich history. Culture vultures will be enchanted by the impressive Ducal Palace in Mantua, with its Gallery of Mirrors, masterful frescos and multiple gardens.

If you’re interested in booking this once-in-a-lifetime experience aboard La Bella Vita, get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

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