France's 5 Most Romantic Destinations - In Pictures

Romance, romance and more romance in the world’s most romantic country – here’s France’s 5 Most Romantic Destinations…

Most Romantic Destinations -annecy


Also known as the Venice of the Alps, Annecy can be found in the south east of France near the French/Swiss border, home to the famed Pont des Amours, a bridge overlooking the lake where if you are to kiss your lover it is said that you will stay together forever.


Jardins de Giverny

Perhaps one of the most Romantic Destinations on the planet, where art meets real life, see the waterlilies that inspired one of Monet’s most intricate works. Colour abounds, from the flowers to the great trees that will shadow your romantic stroll around the gardens.

Most Romantic Destinations - stormychenonce

Château de Chenonceau

The Disney-esque Château de Chenonceau was a gift from Henry II to Diane de Poitiers, spanning the river Cher it is a bold mixture of renaissance and gothic architecture. There is also a maze in the gardens should you really wish to get lost together.

Most Romantic Destinations -mirordeau

Miroir d’eau/ Miroir des Quais

Found in Bordeaux, unlike the other places on this list it hasn’t been around long. The water mirror is a mere 21 years old, yet what it lacks in age it makes up for in alarming beauty. The world’s largest reflective pool is situated in front of the Place de la Bourse and in our opinion there are two times you simply must see it, during the day, in the height of summer when it’s unique system enables it to create a fog every fifteen minutes, or in the dead of night when The Place De la Bourse is perfectly reflected in the still, mystical waters.

Most Romantic Destinations -vilandgardens

Château de Villandry

Though the Château de Villandry is as spectacular as any you’ll previously have visited, in this instance, it’s all about the gardens, a cornucopia of colour, manicured lawns, exotic plantations and fountains that are guaranteed to make your fairer half swoon! Lose yourself for hours amidst the flowers!

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