Dining aboard a Hotel Barge - Gastronomic Cuisine, Fine Wines and Delicious Cheeses

The classic traditions of French and International cuisine are an unforgettable highlight of our hotel barge cruises. Before you wake each morning, a crew member has visited the local patisserie to collect newly baked breads, buttery croissants and a variety of fresh pastries. Together with the aroma of fresh coffee brewing, the day has just begun and you may want to enjoy your breakfast on deck.


Breakfast is Served
Luncheon, often enjoyed on the sun deck, will be a colourful arrangement of salads, pâtes, savoury quiches and of course, a selection of cheeses, all accompanied by an excellent choice of wines from the barge cellar.


Dinner is the culinary highlight of each day. Served by candlelight, each course is a delicious creation, complemented by fine wines. Your chef will use the freshest ingredients, bought from the wonderful local markets and pick herbs from the small on-board herb garden to produce wonderful regional and national dishes that are full of flavour.

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