Barging for All the Family: Why Your Kids Will Love a Scottish Cruise

Scottish Highlander Cruising

Gliding gently over the water, some of your party below deck enjoying the elegant yet homely interior of the Scottish Highlander, while others sit above the deck, sipping a 20 year old single malt as they watch the purple highlands go by; it’s no surprise that numerous adults find a barge cruise one of the most memorable ways to experience Scotland.

Many parents love the idea of this type of holiday but incorrectly assume that it’s not practical to take their children along. We have always insisted that these anxieties are entirely unfounded and that children can enjoy a Scottish cruise every bit as much as the adults who care for them.


First and foremost, the children who have the opportunity to experience the Scottish Highlander or our newest barge Spirit of Scotland usually forge friendships with the staff who are hand-picked for their approachable and knowledgeable manner. Our stringent recruiting standards mean that parents can relax knowing that their children are meeting crew members who are welcoming and happy to engage with younger guests.

The Scottish cruise holiday makes frequent stops on its itinerary that offer plenty of activities that are popular with children. On a typical trip, a child will have the chance to go bowling, try out some fishing, explore castles, have a picnic, go swimming, and even join the chef in preparing a barbecue.

Multi Generational Cruises - Steam Train

We suggest that parents take their children to ride the steam train that was used in the Harry Potter films, suitable for anyone of any age with an interest in steam locomotives, Harry Potter, or both! On top of this, the novelty and adventure of living on a boat for a few days is one that many children share.

We have an exemplary customer safety record and the families who join the Scottish cruise can be sure that their children will experience a holiday on water in a safe environment. In addition, the surface area of a barge cruise is relatively contained so little rascals can be supervised by their parents with ease.

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