Aboard the Anjodi

With her sweeping sides and modern, cosy interior, the Anjodi is a beautiful boat. She lies shallow enough in the water to navigate the Canal du Midi, and it was for this reason, as well as her stunning profile and unparalleled sense of character, that she was chosen as the ship to carry legendary chef Rick Stein on his seminal culinary expedition, the French Odyssey, 12 years ago this year.

Luxury barge cruise Anjodi on the Canal du Midi

If you’ve not watched French Odyssey or read the companion books, they come highly recommended for all fans of food and cooking. If you have, then you won’t need to be told about the mouth-watering food photography and the diary section that so beautifully captures the thoughts and feelings of Stein as he travelled the canal, sampling the best food the region had to offer along the way.

The programme involved months of research during which the team was careful to seek out inspiration from excellent regional specialities, local produce and the people who made it all possible, from farmers to butchers to chefs, culminating in a superlative exploration of the area’s intricate and world-renowned cuisine.

Step into Stein’s shoes and experience the magic for yourself as you echo his voyage of epicurean discovery. On a barge cruise with European Waterways, you can enjoy the craft of your personal on-board chef, who works with fresh, seasonal ingredients to produce a menu worthy of the Anjodi’s gastronomic heritage.

When you’re not enjoying the local ingredients, dishes and wineries made so famous by Stein’s adventure, you can enjoy a peerless view of the landscape itself, all from a truly magnificent boat. The Anjodi still bears the panelling and the refitted kitchen, all refurbished especially for Stein’s voyage, so you can see through the eyes of a true master of his craft while enjoying a spectacular barging holiday.

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