A Spotlight on Burgundy Cuisine

Famed for its excellent wine production, Burgundy also has some incredible cuisine up its sleeve. Indulge in a slice of Burgundian cuisine on board our luxury cruises…

Escargots a la Bourguignonne is a local delicacy in Burgundy
Escargots à la Bourguignonne

Dining Delights

Burgundy features the hearty, robust food often associated with France as a whole. Escargots à la Bourguignonne, the tastiest of which are made from black snails raised on grape leaves, and Boeuf Bourguignon, considered by many to be the king of stews, are both local specialties. The region which produces aristocratic white Burgundy wine and mellow reds is also known for a cuisine made extraordinary through the use of its wines to build rich and fruity sauces.

There is much about Burgundy that makes it stand out gastronomically in a country which can boast many culinary marvels. Burgundy is the home of Charolais cattle – a breed, which, since the 18th century, has been developed and nurtured by the farmers of Burgundy. The conditions of southern Burgundy, such as the climate, the quality of the soil, and the abundance of rich grass have all contributed to making Charolais beef prized by gourmets throughout France and Europe.

Beef Bourgignon is possibly one of the region's most famed dishes. Rich in flavour and simply melts in the mouth.

These distinctive beasts are white or cream in colour, with wide foreheads, light horns, big cheeks, and wide muzzles.

The town of Bresse in Burgundy claims to produce some of the world’s best poultry: free-range birds that are fed on creamy milk and wheat. In fact, Poulet de Bresse is an AOC chicken and if Burgundy grows the best chicken, it also has the best coq au vin.

Other famous names spring from the region – the city of Dijon is the mustard capital of France, famous for its fields of mustard, the seeds of which are ground with grape vinegar to produce the pungent condiment. Burgundy is also home to cassis, a delicious blackcurrant liqueur that you may have tasted in a Kir Royale!

The Burgundy region is famed for its wine. Discover our fine selection on board.


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