5 Things to Do in Auxerre

Here at European Waterways, we know that barge holidays in Burgundy aren’t complete without a visit to Auxerre – which is why we spend a day in this lovely city on our classic cruise through Burgundy. You will have some free time there… will you decide to wander through the Old Town or visit the Natural History Museum? This blog post should help you decide.

Secret France - Auxerre

1) Visit the Natural History Museum

Auxerre’s Natural History Museum is filled to the brim with 80,000 exhibits, including fossils and skeletons. If you have a keen interest in biodiversity, geology or palaeontology, this museum is a must-visit. However, even if science isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you’ll still enjoy your time here – especially if you like strolling around botanic gardens.

Fossils -Barge Holiday in France

2) Wander Around the Old Town

Due to the exceptional history that unfolded in Auxerre’s Old Town, it has been designated a protected zone, meaning you’ll be able to see many authentic, preserved and beautiful medieval buildings. This area is lovely to wander through and is sure to delight any history lover.

uxerre Old Town - Barge Holidays in France

3) See the Cadet Rousselle Statue

While you’re in the Old Town, make sure you stop by the Cadet Rousselle statue. This monument was designed by Francois Brochet and depicts Guillaume Rousselle, an eccentric town crier from the eighteenth century.

4) Marvel at Auxerre Cathedral

What good are barge holidays in France without a little art history? This Gothic Auxerre Cathedral from the thirteenth century features fantastic architecture, gorgeous stained-glass windows, intricate sculptures and astounding frescos. This site is sure to be a favourite among artists.

Auxerre Cathedral - Barge Holidays in France

5) Have a Bite to Eat and a Glass of Wine

Sightseeing can take a lot out of you – why not stop for a bite of the area’s world-renowned cuisine and a sip or two of their famous wine? Try dishes such as escargot de Bourgogne (snails cooked in the shell with garlic butter and parsley) and coq au vin (a chicken stew with lardons, carrots and mushrooms) at one of the city’s many restaurants, and wash it all down with a glass of one of the local wines.

If you’re interested in barge holidays in France, join us as we visit Auxerre (along with many other fascinating French places). From a delicious meal to history beyond comparison, this city is sure to please just about every traveller.

escargot - barge holidays in france

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