5 Reasons to Visit Burgundy (other than the obvious)

No wine? No problem. Delectable cuisine, fairy-tale architecture and traditional canals mean Burgundy has plenty of alternatives to sitting and sipping.


Cathedrals, basilicas and medieval villages abound. A walk through the cities, towns and hamlets of Burgundy is a walk through time, from the caves of Arcy-sur-Cure which contain paintings that are reputed to be the second oldest on the planet, to the Roman architecture of Autun or the remains of a medieval hospital in Beaune, originally constructed in 1443. No surprise then that Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was born and raised in Dijon, Burgundy.

Abbey De Fontenay

Beef Bourguignon

Auguste Escoffier, not likely a name you’ll have heard of, yet it’s thanks to his 1903 recipe that we enjoy this most sumptuous of stews. Boeuf Bourguignon originates from the Charolles region of Southern Burgundy, famed for its Charolais cattle, whose meat is purported to be amongst the best on the planet.  Interested in making your own? See here for an exquisite recipe


Due to its various architectural styles, which include Gothic, Renaissance and Capetian, the city of  Dijon has been registered as UNESCO world heritage site since 2015. It is the capital of the Côte-d’Or Département, lauded for its annual gastronomic fair and famed for the eponymous mustard that is savoured in restaurants and homes across the globe.

Dijon city centre main square - Canal de Bourgogne


Otherwise known as the Canal de Bourgogne, the Burgundy Canal stretches 150 miles, connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean sea by way of the rivers Seine and Yonne. It passes through nine communes and cities, the largest of which is Dijon, and plays host to some spectacular scenery along the way, if you’re interested in cruising Burgundy in the utmost style and luxury, please follow this link.

Burgundy Canal

Domaine Bouchard Père & Fils

(Yes, we know its wine related, but the vineyard views and the historical surroundings are a must see!)

Founded in 1731, Bouchard Père & Fils is a wine domaine that has produced immaculate vintages for almost three hundred years. Surrounded by 130 hectares of vineyards, beneath the Chateau de Beaune (constructed in 1527), it is a gorgeous, historical spot serving exceptional wines. For more information, click here.

Chateau De Beaune

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