Video: Wine Tasting in Sancerre

We visit a renowned winery in Sancerre for a tour and private tasting. This medieval hilltop village overlooks a vibrant region which has known viticulture since Roman times. Sancerre sits on a domed hill overlooking the Loire.

The view from Sancerre extends over the mountainous vineyards surrounding the town. The view is splendid and even better if you follow the maze of old cobbled streets to the top of the village and climb up the 200 steps of the Tour de Fief, the last trace of the château of the counts of Sancerre. In the 16th century, the château was a Protestant Huguenot fortress. Sancerre is a wine village, providing many opportunities for wine-tastings of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc at Sancerre Vineyards. Chavignol, just two miles away, is where the most famous goat cheese of France, le Crottin de Chavignol, is made.

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