Video: Travel Expert, Lindsay Myers recounts her cruise aboard La Belle Epoque for NBC Access Hollywood

Lindsay is a weekly contributor on NBC Access Hollywood, where her segments include visiting unique places around the world. She is a respected voice in the travel and lifestyle industry.

Lindsay’s sparkling personality and creative ways has made her an expert in the travel world. Myers inspires her audience to get out of their comfort zone and to experience it all.

“I was on a mission to see the French countryside, and I found out the best way to see so much in one week is by barge. European Waterways provides this once in a lifetime experience through slow travel on their hotel barges. These barges have a repurposed life. Once shipping logs from Burgundy to Paris dating back to the 1930, but today they are transformed into a deluxe hotel barge carrying a very different cargo along the very same canal. I quickly found out that barge life was for me.” Read more.

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